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Welcome to SteemReviews!

Our mission is to bring people together and what better way to do that than to share our experiences? 😊 This way we can collectively learn about amazing findings and make more informed decisions about how we spend our earnings.

SteemReviews is a decentralized reviewing service, it’s designed for anyone to use/participate. Here is our private posting key:


You can login and create a post to start gathering reviews. Make posts for anything you would like reviewed. Here are a few templates that we’ve provided, but you’re not limited to these options.


  • Don't post inappropriate content/false information/spam or unsolicited offers.
  • Don't resteem things with this account.
  • Do search existing posts before creating a new one to avoid duplicates.
  • Do follow the format of the templates provided below.
  • Do flag anything that doesn't meet the above guidelines to a point of no visibility.
  • Do upvote comments/reviews that you found helpful! :)


To post,

  1. Login then copy & paste the most relevant template (found below) and fill in the information.
  2. Replace bolded & italicized text, then delete the spaces for image links (between exclamation points and brackets).
  3. Include instructions on how to leave a review (found below).

Note: For "Average Rating", the URL is a placeholder, we will fill the link with the appropriate rating image after some reviews come in.


! [project logo] (logo URL)
Average Rating: ! [project] (
Brief Description:
Contact Info:


! [company logo] (logo URL)
Average Rating: ! [company] (
Brief Description:
Year Founded:
Contact Info:


! [restaurant logo] (logo URL)
Average Rating: ! [restaurant] (
Brief Description:
Contact Info:


! [movie image] (image URL)
Average Rating: ! [movie] (
Brief Description:
Rating (G, PG, PG-13, R, NC-17):


! [game image] (image URL)
Average Rating: ! [game] (
Brief Description:
Initial Release Date:
Rating (EC, E, E10+, T, M, AO):


! [book image] (image URL)
Average Rating: ! [book] (
Brief Description:
Originally Published:
Page Count:

Feel free to add to this selection, reference the templates and create your own topic. We will let the community determine what is allowed.


To leave a review,

  1. There’s no need to log into the @steemreviews account, use your own account and comment.
  2. Copy the image for the number of stars you want to give, then write your review.
  3. Should you want to create your own review post on @steemreviews, use this guide.

Note: Quality reviews can help others out and in return, earn upvotes.

one star ! [one star] (
two star ! [two star] (
three star ! [three star] (
four star ! [four star] (
five star ! [five star] (

We’re counting on you to flag any posts or reviews that are inappropriate/spam. Let us collectively determine what is acceptable and where we should draw the line.


We’re imagining 90% of the upvote activity will happen in the comments section, but when the posts get upvotes, this is how the earnings will be used:

Steem/SBD earned on @steemreviews account will be transferred to @hyperfundit to grow the fundraising platform and help more project creators reach their goals.

SP earned will increase the upvote value of @steemreviews. Our vision is to use 100% of @steemreviews’ upvotes to fund charities and meaningful causes found on the Steemit platform. At the moment, we can’t stop anyone from logging into the account and upvoting their own content; but be aware that if you do, you are stealing from underprivileged children, child protection services, underprivileged women, women empowerment, forest restoration projects, homeless puppies, and many more.

Charities and causes include but are not limited to @schoolforsdg4, @cooking4charity, @FamilyProtection, @womenempowerment, @museproject, @youarehope, @treeplanter, @tarc, @steemcamp and more to come.

For an up to date list of charities and causes visit Confirm upvotes by viewing @steemreviews' activity.

More charities and causes will be added in the future and to stop upvote abuse with @steemreviews, we will hire a developer to build a bot that auto un-upvotes posts & comments written by accounts that are not on our approved upvote list.


From here on, please assume that all non-review posts and any comments claiming to be the admin team made by this account @steemreviews are impersonators. We will not be making any more posts after this initial guide and the real admin team will be making comments with account @hyperfundit. Please flag any comments made by @steemreviews found either here or anywhere else.

You can get started by reviewing @steemreviews right here in the comments section.

Happy reviewing!

steemreviews 100px.png The SteemReviews Team

Brought to you by the same people who created HyperFundIt.

Do you want someone who cares about our community to represent you and create more useful projects like @steemreviews and @steemcollege? Vote @hyperfundit for Witness, you can vote directly with SteemConnect.


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This guide has been updated, we've solved the upvote abuse issue by creating a separate account and delegating SP to that account.


This page has been updated, please refer to this new page:

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