Book Review: Venomous Hunger

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Check out the highlights on our official review of VENOMOUS HUNGER by Mary Auclair!

  • a fondness for sci fi romance between a human and another species.
  • Even more so when the human is cause for frustration and good-natured grumbling, such as the relative merits of celibacy versus dealing with a female.
  • the insta-attraction is held at bay in favor of developing the story.
  • I really enjoyed that it was a pirate, okay an honorable one, who came to the rescue of a dying species.
  • the seeming electrifying attraction between Kamal and Aliena was fun and got even better when they went into battle.
  • a fun read and comes with a momentous happily ever after.

Rating: 5 Stars

Reviewed by Gabrielle

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Thanks for sharing.. Will try to purchase from amazon, If it is available in indian market.

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