Book Review: Revenge and Redemption

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Check out the highlights on our official review of REVENGE AND REDEMPTION by Mia Easton!

  • Both Anne Holmes and Steve Jamison are recovering from broken hearts, courtesy of those they both might have once considered partners, friends, or family.
  • I always enjoy a premise like this. It's rife with revenge and redemption in oh so many delicious ways.
  • And the sensual scenes between Steve and Anne were fun and engaging to read.
  • I also like the whole idea that there's multiple betrayals / misunderstandings that need to be sorted through before the couple can come back together.
  • while I liked the beginning AND the end, the middle seemed to get bogged down with a need for too much to take place / be explained in far too little word count.
  • I felt like, if the story were a bit longer, there would be a much better story.
  • As it was, given everything that Steve did to Anne, her turnaround took place far too fast making it seem a bit too well tidied up in a neat package.
  • the story ended on such a sweet high when some certain someones get their just desserts.

Rating: 4 Stars

Reviewed by Gabrielle Sally

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