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  • I've had mixed experiences with Ms. Harte's writing, some I absolutely adored, and some I had to put on my DNF list.
  • This one had elements that I loved (the poly lifestyle) with elements I loathe (adolescent role playing).
  • There's a lot of players in this book, and if you're not familiar with how polyamory works, you may find yourself out of your depth on this story.
  • It was very emotional, lots of drama and jealousy, which didn't do much for me this time.
  • My biggest personal issue with LOVERS was Toby. She and Adrian were into adolescent role playing, with her being the boy. I can appreciate non-gender conforming sex, but the whole kiddie thing (even though everyone is far more than legal) is something I can't stomach.
  • That said, I did somewhat enjoy every other relationship dynamic.
  • Overall, this wasn't my cuppa, but it certainly was interesting.

Rating: 3 Stars

Reviewed by Delta

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