Book Review: Crossing Promises

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  • one I've really looked forward to, mostly because Owen has been the biggest douchenozzle in earlier books, and I figured SOMEONE had to love the curmudgeonly dude.
  • Sadly, Owen didn't get much more lovable in this book
  • I struggled with Cate as well. While my heart broke for her losses, she just wasn't a super lovable character.
  • She didn't have a lot of depth, and her character was pigeonholed.
  • For the most part, CROSSING PROMISES was really just…boring. I really had to push myself to read this and not get distracted by Twitter or Expedition Unknown or twiddling my thumbs.
  • It's not that this is a bad book, it's not, it's just that it's exceedingly average.
  • No excitement, no dynamic characters, no real conflict, just, blah.
  • Not the best addition to this series.

Rating: 3 Stars

Reviewed by Delta

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