CoD ww2 Beta Over !!!!

in #review7 years ago

Hey Guys and gals it's r8gamez here bringing you yet another great gaming blog, so today I'm going to be talking about the end of the call of duty World War II Beta.

So call of duty private beta has ended as of a day ago and when you start it up you'll be given the message- thanks for playing the call of duty World War II private beta. The private beta has come to an end. We'll see you again when call of duty;WW2 officially launches November 3, 2017.

So basically guys it's a long way until the
actual release date which means 2 months of non-stop boredom for the code of duty fans.


Anyways that's all for me guys and girls have a good one it's been r8gamez here Bringing you yet again more of the best gameing content also don't forget to follow, leave a comment and most importantly support me with an big old click on the up-vote button.

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