Agent of SHIELD Season 6 Episode 2: 'Window of Opportunity' Review

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[Spoiler Alert! Careful for spoilers from the episode!]

When you have tech which can create instant windows between places like bank and jewellery store vaults to wherever you want, it really is a window of opportunity.

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SHIELD continues their search for the elusive doppleganger of their former director and his team. At first, Mack keeps the detail about Coulson's look alike between himself and May. She is the only one who has seen him, except for Agent Fox who he killed. While they mourn their dead, though, Mack doesn't want to create a panic or anything, which turns out a good decision because when Benson finds out, he goes berserk and gets into a confrontation with May. Coulson's doppleganger it turns out, shares an exact DNA match with our Coulson, excluding some strange metallic compounds attached.


Sarge and team continue on their mysterious mission. It's becoming clear that they don't really want anything for themselves. Sarge doesn't even take breaks, and when one of his men, Pax suggests they rest a bit, he begins to suspect him of slacking, telling the giant Poco to keep an eye on him. And now it also seems their comrade Tinker's death in the previous episode might not have been an accident... perhaps Sarge himself ordered his death.

In their pursuit, they raid a convenience store for the strangest of material (which puts them back on SHIELD's radar) and them find their way into a jewellery store in search of PEJs, which turn out to be quartz and other forms of crystals. This is where SHIELD corners them, but they have locked themselves in the vault with what seems to be no way out and SHIELD has to break in.


But they do have a way out. May intensely focused on the mission for obvious reasons quickly figures it out and tracks their truck. I gotta say, it was fun seeing Ming-Na, newly honored Disney Legend in action again, taking down all three suspects including Poco while Sarge is outside testing their machine with the PEJs. However, when he comes back in and she sees him, she loses focus and is taken down allowing them to escape. Sarge too freezes when she calls the name Coulson, but while it rings a bell, he has no idea what it means. Back on base, however, Benson has made another discovery. It seems, whatever world these guys came from, they destroyed it...

Meanwhile, far off in space, FItz and Enoch are having travails of their own. Following the destruction of their own ship, they have taken refuge on a vessel owned by some decidedly homophobic aliens enroute the planet his cryogenic chamber was manufactured. Fitz disguise is discovered and the commander demands his immediate execution, relenting only when Fitz proposes to work for free, being as he is, more productive than all three of the ships current engineers combined. This doesn't work out quite as planned. The commander, having Fitz and Enoch, decides to execute the other engineers, forcing Fitz to take him and his goons instead. But now they are in a quandary. They can't land on that planet because those same engineers would be executed for killing their commander. Hence they have to turn and jump away, seeking another in which they can drop them before coming back. Just as they jump away, the Zephyr arrives with Daisy, Simmons, Piper and Davies on board, unaware that they have just missed their quarry by seconds.

So many mysteries to solve! What is Sarge's agenda? Who is he? Will Simmons find her true love in time? Meanwhile, we still haven't seen Deke...

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