My Skincare Experience #2

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Hy guys!


Garnier micellar water is one of the local facial cleanser products. Garnier micellar water can be used to clean make up, dirt and dust.

There are two variants of Garnier micellar water that is for dry-normal skin and for acne-sensitive skin.

I use Garnier micellar water for sensitive skin-acne, because I often have problems with my face, which is often overgrown with acne.

I am not yet a heavy makeup user. I do not even wear foundation. But I use Garnier micellar water because it wants to clean up the dirt or dust on the face.


I'm sure no matter how you guys are in air-conditioned room all day, your face is still in the dust. Therefore, I recommend using micellar water before using a facial cleanser.

As long as I use micellar water, I feel my skin gets cleaner.

If I do not use a cleansing soap and just wash my face with plain water, then I can see that my face is still dusty.

That's why I always use micellar water, especially if you are the people who often beraktifitas outdoors, then using micellar water is the recommended thing.

Good luck ~


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