Review of the film "Fantasy Island"(2020)

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Greetings, dear readers!

The new feature film "Fantasy Island", created by American filmmakers in the genres of horror and fantasy Thriller, I watched yesterday, and today I hasten to share with you my impressions. The world premiere of this film took place on February 12, 2020. In the Russian box office, its premiere is scheduled only for March 5, 2020, but it can already be found on the Internet on sites that provide services for viewing movies online.


The slogan, invented by the creators of the film, characterizes the plot of this picture as well as possible. Indeed, many of us may agree with this. "Be afraid of your desires" - because no one knows where they can lead us. Fate after all - she likes to play us, arranging us sometimes such tests that we did not dream of even in the most terrible dream.

I believe that Director Jeff Wadlow and screenwriters Gillian Jacobs and Christopher Roach managed to create an atmosphere of fear on the island, which at first glance could not offer anything but pleasure and fun for its guests a priori. However, the beautiful view of the island, the sweetly smiling staff of the hotel, its kind host, and the unusual drinks served to the guests, only for the first time were able to create an illusory picture of a real Paradise on earth. Plus, each of the people who arrived here cherished the hope of realizing their wildest desires-from the dream of self-expression to the desire to change the past or simply take revenge on long-time offenders...

The owner of the island promised that each of them will have the opportunity to realize their dream, but... whether its execution will fully correspond to the mystery or not depends, oddly enough, on the island, which lives its own life, beyond the control of anyone.


I was amazed at the imagination of the filmmakers, their irrepressible invention and the beautiful embodiment of the idea embedded in the plot of the film. I liked everything here-from the scenery and interior of the rooms where certain scenes took place, to the Director's production itself. Shooting in nature is fascinating, and those that were made in dark dungeons are frightening, especially against the background of monstrous creatures that the main characters will have to fight to survive. Scenes of horror, you can say, not so much, but nevertheless, they catch up with a serious fear.


Most of all, I was struck by the solution of the intrigue, which was saved almost until the final. And the film itself ended quite unexpectedly for me personally.

The film stars Michael Peña, Maggie Q, Lucy Hale, Austin Stowell, Portia Doubleday, and other actors in the lead roles. It seems to me that they played at about the same level, I can't single out the game of any of them.

The film has an age limit of 16+. I think it will appeal more to fans of non-hardcore horror, science fiction and Thriller.

I recommend the movie to your friends and acquaintances!

Pleasant to you of viewing!

Thank you for your attention, see you soon!

With respect to you, @mrfantastis.

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