Erased (Boku dake ga inai machi) review (English)

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Erased: 12 chapters of an amazing history, full of emotion and suspense that won't dissapoint you at any moment.

Year 2006. Satoru Fujinuma is a frustrated manga writer who works as a delivery man in a pizza shop so he can subsist until the end of the month. He appears to be a normal guy, like everybody else, but nobody knows about the strange and exceptional ability that he has: every time that a tragedy occurs near, Satoru travels through time to some minutes before so he can prevent it from happening.

Eventualy, our main character begins to relive repressed memories from his past, wich brings terrible consequences to his present, and ends with him traveling to the year 1988, just before his classmate Kayo Hinazuki becomes a victim of a serial killer.

Maybe the storyline sounds unoriginal, repeated, etc, but the amazing part is the way of how the events come to happen. Only by watching the first episode it becomes impossible to stop watching the anime until the end, thanks to the unexpected plot twists. You will have the "¿Who is the killer?" question until the end, and more important is that you will be every moment asking yourself "¿What is going to happen now?". The personal evolution of the main character and the way of how he influences the people around him is also a key point due to the abilty to change the behavior of the others.

A faultless animation, an OST wich perfectly fits the plot and canalizes the emotions of all the moments in a really succesful way, and really interesting characters, makes of Erased a masterpiece in the genre that you can't miss for no reason.

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