Tried N Tasted: DURIAN Flavoured Seaweed Flake? Yay or Nay?

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Hello Steemians!

The HF21-22 fiasco (plus office havoc and parents clinical visits) have pretty much drained me from being anything close to creative; but I did manage to do something with Food Bank Director Angie last night prepping for the upcoming bazaar. You'll probably see more in @gtpjfoodbank account soon.

Now, back to this main thing

Malaysians have started having a fairly welcoming attitude ever since seaweed layers / flakes snacks were introduced because of the booming Japanese restaurants in the capital city (and smaller towns even), and Malaysians do love durians, the king of fruits (we even have durian snacks like cheese balls); but when two combines together... will that have a clash?

Behold, introduce to you... from Thailand...


Please note that I have been doing #triedntested posts since I started this account for almost 2 years, only the recent year I have started #triedntasted series

Just so happened that my boss' good friend in Singapore came to visit after his vacation in Thailand, and he brought my boss these, which wasn't my boss' all time favourite... so we get to try it out.

You see, both durians and seaweed have a very strong flavour and aroma. Many who likes one, sometimes doesn't like the other.

I know both my parents do not like the seaweed flakes. They said it is too fishy (too much flavour from the sea) it reminds them of gulping seawater.... haha...

My entire office were kind of worried that this will come as a very pungent snack when it is opened in the pantry, and no one dares to open it, until now....


Whew! Good thing is that each piece is actually tightly sealed up so that there is no softening or over powering flavour (in case) released in an enclosed air-conditioned office.


If you watch closely, these are very thin slices so it can be very nice and not too chewy to snack on.


They even specifically said that it is healthy because it is low in calories and low in cholesterol in every individual pack!

So how does it taste?

One word...


Very sweet for my palette. It is so sweet that you can hardly taste the durian there. There isn't any durian smell either, but overall a super duper sweet seaweed taste snack.


You will have a faint durian after taste. It's very mild; but if you are a frequent burp-er, then you will taste it more.

Perfect for a black / non-sugar latte coffee though. Doesn't go too well with tea; even Chinese tea or Ocha.

Maybe it is too sweet, so for me I prefer to counter it with bitter beverage.


- Yay

  • If you are relatively a sweet tooth individual, who loves a bit of an adventure tasting something use to be savory but now it is a sweet snack.
  • Not sticky (or smelly) even though I left it out in the open for 10 minutes. It remained crunchy as ever.

- Nay

If you still don't like seaweed; because you will still taste seaweed... but dipped in sugar glaze and baked dry (kind of a feeling)

So I am wondering, when I am to visit Bangkok this SF4 in November, and if @waybeyondpadthai is game on, and we could find these snacks, maybe we can take this around and record Steemian's reaction for her vlog?

PS: @waybeyondpadthai , the sound of these crunchy seaweed could be good for your ASMR test .... heh heh heh
Maybe ASMR record Steemians eating this... @khimgoh , @kaerpediem , @elizacheng ... you game? haha

Well, that's all for today for my Tried N Tasted post. Stay tuned for more interesting food maybe later in the upcoming #sf4 trip!

Until then

Thank You for Your Time

I am attending! But help me get there smoother!

Recently I have posted my Why do I want to go to Steem Fest? Help me fund my trip! sharing but I had to get the tickets in fiat.

So I have shifted my air ticket savings to the Steemfest ticket instead and I am running low in cash for that because I have been taking my dad to (unforeseen) clinical tests.... sigh... I'll share later.

But, I am not just begging for upvotes. Instead, I will be taking special orders for handmade greeting cards for Steemians attending SF4, with special prices. They can also be proxy for other Steemians (who are not attending) if they are interested.

fully customisable your face on this picture, with the help of an app + my manual editing

This will be my sample and I have posted the special pricing in my older (lost and found) account @craftsofluv and 10% of the proceeds will go to @gtpjfoodbank as charity fund raising as well.

So if you are interested, look for me in Discord or just comment it here too!

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Ok that is defintely sth I would love to eat right now xD

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Du erhieltest aufgrund deiner LanaCharleenToken Miner ein Upvote von @sebescen81 alt-Text
Vielen lieben Dank für euren Support. Der Account meiner Tochter wächst und gedeiht.

Haha really? Are you going yo SF4? Maybe we can find some for you to try it.

Posted using Partiko Android

That would be awesome but don't have enough vacation left for it, had to pass when my gf flew to Thailand last month too :/

Posted using Partiko Android

Aw! That's sad to hear. Hopefully there will be a chance that you can visit South East Asia. #teammalaysia will be happy to meet you in Kuala Lumpur!

Have you been to KL before?

I like durians
I like seaweed
Seaweed more than durians
Together... I would give it a try 😊

Haha. If we can find it in BKK by then, we should.

Not sure I should keep a piece because it may not taste as fresh by then

Posted using Partiko Android

No, no please don't save a piece for me hahahaha
2 months is a pretty long time
And there are all kinds of exotic food in BKK :D

hahaha... maybe we can find fresh ones in BKK. After all, they are from Thailand 😉

We will get more than that
We will try all sorts :)
eerrrr... well almost ... not bugs and insects for me on this trip... maybe next one hahaha

LOL... Bugs are at the VERY VERY VERY VERY END of my to-do list.

But it made your list... hahaha


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RealityHubs Moderator

Posted on RealityHubs - Rewarding Reviewers

Thank you @gotgame
You guys are really doing a fantastic job.

Unique taste! Really interesting to try.

Thanks for sharing your review.

[Realityhubs Curator]

Posted on RealityHubs - Rewarding Reviewers

Haha, yes it taste very unique but also it is very sweet. If you don't mind that then it will be okay.

Never tried it really but since you say it might be good for ASMR, it would probably be worth a shot :‑X:‑X:‑X:‑X

Haha. Well, I was actually with my headphones when I was tasting it, and you know when your ears are covered you hear your voice a little louder. The crunchy bites sounded very ASMR-ish, so it could worth a try for you. 😉

Note: It's really sweet though. You taste the sugary sweet more than the durian and even the seaweed taste is a little shadowed by the sweetness. That's my take.

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