Review Novel : Meet You In Prayer

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Meet You In Prayer is a novel by Hamida Surya. The main character in this novel named Indah. Told in the novel, Indah wants to forget his ex-boyfriend. Every day he still always imagine sweet memories with the former lover. Various ways he did. Starting from filling his days with busyness to open the heart to another man. However, all the same.

Beautiful is a 19 year old girl. He lives in an adequate family. He lived life like a young girl in general. However, everything changes when he meets with Galih. The meeting took place in cyberspace. The accidental introduction turned out to be a new story in his life. Moreover, it turns out Galih is a cousin of Beautiful companions.

The woven approach leads them to a relationship called dating. However, the goddess of Fortuna is in fact not on their side. The relationship must run aground after a year. With the breakup, they moved away from each other. Living each other's life as before getting to know each other.

Beautiful busy with academic. So did Galih. Until in the end, they establish a new relationship with others of course. They are getting farther away. But the old love is kept neatly in the heart and memory. Four years passed, they greeted each other again. The greeting is still happening in cyberspace. Like their first meeting.

Until finally, the relationship is re-established. Two years. Until finally Indah decided to go because Galih no longer want to hear what is good for him. Beautiful departure is not because there is no love in his soul, but he must protect himself. Until now, Beautiful love persists. And he met Galih, the former, in prayer.

The novel "Seeing You in Do'a" is a novel that suits teenage life. The language presented is light and easy to understand. Any human who has ever felt in love will fall into the story in this novel. Broken hearts about the two choices of forgetting or continuing to pray. Until finally choose what God is planning.

This novel with a romantic theme weighs a discussion on the conflicts that occur in the mind and heart. The flow is not in line between the brain dah liver is often the case. This novel displays events that seem real in everyday teenagers. However, the cover (front view) of the novel is considered less colorful. The front view does not seem to match the contents of the subject.


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