Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild Review

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Today I'm going to be talking about a game that has been taking up all of my video game energy lately. Breath of the Wild is an amazing game and it looks beautiful on the Nintendo Switch. I haven't seen it played on the Wii U so I have no input on that. BotW came out back in March and I still find new things every time I play, it's well worth the sixty bucks!


The graphics of this game look absolutely stunning. Sometimes I find myself standing on top of a mountain and just stare at the landscape.

Story Line:

The story line of this Legend of Zelda is a bit different from the usual. You were once a knight hired to protect the Princess Zelda, 100 years in the past. In some way or another you were essentially put into storage for 100 years while Calamity Gannon took over the world. You find yourself waking up in a hidden tomb with no memory at all. With the help of the ghost of King Hyrule you are able to slowly bring your memories back. It is your duty to figure out how Calamity Gannon has captured all of the power in the kingdom and then bring him to his demise!



Probably my favorite part of BotW is being able to glide. Using your glider saves you countless hours of running in this game. The glider doesn't last forever but with upgrades you can glide as long as you need to.


This is the only Zelda game where you don't revive yourself by killing enemies. In every other Legend of Zelda when you kill an enemy nine times out of ten they drop hearts to heal you. In this version you need to collect materials to cook that will revive your health. Cooking can be fun by experimenting with ingredients to create food that has side effects, such as armor boost or attack boost. Some areas have specific climates that you must cook food that allows you to live in said area.


I HATE how they handle weapons in this game. Oh, you found a weapon that you like? Don't get used to it because after a few minutes of using it, it will break! The only weapon in the game that doesn't break is the master sword. Even though it doesn't break it still has a cool down if you use it to much. Once it is out of juice it can't be used for a good amount of time.

The Map:

The map is HUGE. You will never get bored with this map. I've spent an insane amount of hours on this game and have probably only seen about 30% of the entire map. Every time you enter a new area you will find a dungeon, cave, enemy base, stable, town etc.


I would give this game five stars! It is the perfect blend of new age video gaming & nostalgia!


I think I may finally bend...and get this on the wii u. I know, it's blasphemy, but it's all I have.

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