Review-25 Simple Clothing Ideas For Beginners

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Hellow guys,how are you all ? I am fine.Today i am going to review a video of "5 Minute Crafts Kids" youtube channel.While i watching youtube i found this video and feel interesting.This video is related with design of cloth.

A beautiful design on t-shirt or cloth make you more beautiful.If you able to learn how to make your t-shirt beautiful in home easily than it will be ripping.So lets talk about the video.

What you will learn :

  • how to design your cloth using ice an colour
  • how to design your cloth using stone and colour
  • easiest way to make new print on a t-shirt
  • any many more creative ideas

Hope that you people will use this tricks and make your t-shit ripping.I will also try at my home.Thank you very much.

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