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8 days ago I started playing Rollercoin. I was curious how it worked and how much crypto you can earn playing games. After 8 days I have about 52 cents in crypto, and 50 of those cents are from signing up from a referral. Ouch. I am not going to post my referral link, as this game is legit, but takes a huge investment of time, money, or both to even get to the point of the minimum withdrawal. Here are a few things I wish I knew 8 days ago.

What is Rollercoin?
It is an online mining simulator, where you earn Hash Power to “virtually mine” real coins. You play (8 bit) games to earn hash power, and hash power allows you to mine the coin or coins of your choice every 10 minutes.
What is a Rollertoken (RLT)?
In rollercoin, you can buy miners, racks, and more with Rollertokens or RLT. RLT cannot be bought on any outside cryptocurrency exchange, and you cannot deposit them or withdraw them. The developers say they are working on making RLT an ethereum based token, but this has not happened yet. You can deposit other coins in the game such as Tether or Bitcoin, then buy Rollertokens with what you deposited. It seems a Rollertoken is always sold for a dollar or its equivalent amount in the coin you deposit.

How many players play Rollercoin?
Below is a link to all the player rankings, including what types of mining machines they have and their stats.

To skip to a different page, change the number at the end of the internet address.
For example, to get to page 1000, use

What are the Hash Rates (or mining power)
The whole point of the game is to get lots of mining power, so you get a bigger cut of the crypto released every 10 minutes. The numbers can be confusing at the beginning. There are four terms you should know below.

GH/S = Gigahash Think of this as 1 dollar, “G” for Greenback. This is actually a billion hashes per second, but when numbers get so big it gets confusing! Since this is the smallest unit of mining power in the game, it helps to think of a Gigahash as a dollar.
TH/S = Terahash (1Terahash = 1000 Gigahash) Think of each Terahash as $1,000
PH/S = Petahash (1 Petahash = 1000 Terahash = 1,000,000 Gigahash) Think of 1 Petahash as 1 million dollars
EH/S = Exahash (1 Exahash = 1000 Petahash = 1,000,000 Terahash = 1,000,000,000 Gigahash. Think of an Exahash as 1 Billion dollars. No miners have a whole Exahash to themselves, total power from all miners is currently about 83 Exahash.

The top ranking player right now has 330 PH/S (or 330 million dollars in mining power)

2,359,490 People have signed up
169,855 have at least some mining power (7% of all players are active)
2,189,635 have 0 mining power, no miners, and inactive. (93% of all players are inactive)

What are the PC levels?
Basically there are 4 PC levels. The max PC level means you hold your mining power for 7 days. The initial PC level only allows it to last 1 day. You have to win one game every 24 hours to keep your PC level, otherwise it reverts to the minimum PC

What is the deal with Season Passes?
A season pass is a time-limited promotion where if you complete certain tasks, you get Experience Points or XP. An example is getting 2 XP for winning 15 games of “Flappy Rocket”. Please note that you don't need to “opt in” to have your won games count towards completing the tasks, but you have to go to the task once finished and “claim” the reward in XP. You won't get the XP automatically just by completing the requirements.
A certain amount of gained XP is needed to complete each season pass level. For example, gaining 100 XP will complete level 1 of the recent Season Pass promotion. HOWEVER UNLESS YOU PAY ROLLER TOKENS (RLT) to unlock the season pass you won't get any rewards except for level rewards marked (Free).

In my case I spent a lot of time getting 100 XP to complete level one, the reward was 5 RLT. 5 RLT is enough to buy a rack and an entry-level miner to put on it. I gained 100 XP right before the Season Pass ended, but I didn't get my reward. After looking more closely, you have to pay RLT to unlock most of the level rewards (they have a lock symbol on them), and you can pay even more to get all the level rewards straight out.

This means unless you buy RLT you wouldn't get any level rewards until level 3 (which is a "free" reward). I believe that would be 300 XP to get to level 3, and I only made it to 100 XP right before the end of the Season Pass, so I didn't get any rewards. I was NOT happy about this, as it took a lot of time to get 100 XP. This seems a little scammy, like a rigged carnival game. I wish someone would have told me this.

Once the Season pass ends, all your XP is lost, you cannot save it for the next Season Pass.

Do I recommend RollerCoin?
I do not recommend it for most people. Why?

For which one of you, when he wants to build a tower, does not first sit down and calculate the cost, to see if he has enough to complete it? Luke 14:28

Before you start playing, realize it will take a TON of time to make enough to buy your first rack and miner. It will also probably be weeks or months before you can withdraw even the minimum amount of any earned crypto. If you have 3 or 4 hours a day of free time and are very disciplined to grind rollercoin games, you could start buying racks and miners without depositing crypto, but should you?

Should I sign up for Rollercoin?
In most cases no. The only good reason to register would be for fun. Just like in real life, the players “rich” in mining power are using it to buy more miners, so essentially the rich get richer, taking a bigger percentage of the mining rewards every day. Also keep in mind that those who refer lots of people are getting a cut of what they earn and spend. In other words, it gets harder every day to “catch up” to those in the top spots.

Even after buying miners, I believe you need to log in to rollercoin at least every 5 days to “charge” their miners. Wouldn't it be easier to just buy some crypto, deposit in in Celsius, and earn crypto interest passively? This way, there is zero maintenance or effort, and the interest is compounded. In other words gradually you make more and more interest, as long as the APR stays the same.

I will admit some of the games are fun, and the user experience is pretty decent. However, the money to be made is abysmally small, unless you either invest a lot of money/crypto, get a lot of referrals under you, or essentially turn it into a part-time job.

Have you played RollerCoin? Comment below on your experience.

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