Angels and Demons - A book review.

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So after reading some reviews made by my good friend @gooddream and also after some chats with @dante31 I have decided to write a book review about one of my favorite author. The review is a bit short because am just getting a hang of this, so bear with me guys. Now let's get started.

Dan Brown to me is one of the best writers of the 21st century if not one of the best writers of all times. But what made Dan Brown popular is not just the quality of his books but the controversies involved in them. And most of these controversies are stated as facts

In 2003 he released The Da Vinci Code and it became one of the most controversial books ever written and it was a best seller, an instant success.

The book stroke alot of blows on the cores of Christianity and pushed Dan Brown into lime light. But today I won't be talking about Da Vinci Code, I will stay clear of that until I get the hang of writing book reviews.

Today we will be talking about another one, his first book in the trilogy, the first book to feature the protagonist Professor Robert Langdon "Angels and Demons".

The books was released in 2000 by Simon $ Schuster. Based majorly on the conspiracis around the Catholic Church, and the major events happened in the Vatican City surrounding the death of the Pope and the stress in choosing a new one.

The book brought to light the process involved in choosing a new head for the Catholic Church and also explained the extent to which people can go to in quest of hanging up to power.
And also the Illuminati can not be left behind, when people here of the Illuminati the first thing that comes to their minds is the 1 USD note, the pyramid with the capstone and alot of celebrities they believe are members. The book went deep into the origin of this sacred group, shedding more light into regions that would have been dark and bringing about a better understanding. Shedding more light on the founders and the reasons that drove the "Enlightened Ones"

The book began in the European Organization for Nuclear Research (CERN) and if you don't know, the invented the world wide Web (WWW). The plot opened with a tragedy there, involving the death of one of their staffs.

The Illuminati Ambigram was engraved on the man's chest there by waking up the horrors of one of the most sacred organizations of all times. And not only that, an object, capable of deliver destruction of atomic capabilities, an Anti-Matter was stolen also and was kept in the Vatican City with a timer to prime it's explosion.
Now Professor Robert Langdon was called in, being a professor of Religious Symbology to explain and in the way solve the mystery. Now he must run against time within a 24 hour window and solve a mystery that was more than a century in making, has he raced through the street of Rome in a race against time, with little or nobody to trust.

The book is a must read. Have fun


Nice book review pal. I remember back when i was a dive instructor and those of us that worked for the company would make a bet on the "over/under" about how many Dan Brown books would be on board each day of diving. It was normally "2" and you would probably earn a free beer or two by taking the "over."

I read all of the books that you talked about in your review and enjoyed all of them a lot. The movies on the other hand.....not so much.

Great article and thanks for posting quality content.

Thanks alot my friend, i got the idea from your reviews that i read constantly. Would try to do more often, maybe i will even review the Da Vinci Code and get some controversies going... lol. Thanks for dropping by, meant [email protected]

Do that. I'll resteem it when you do. I hope some of my readers will take part.

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