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With very little info available on the website, I was pretty much unsure what I was getting myself into asides from the bold statements staring me in the face.

Okay, maybe I already got a little bit more information from the ReviewHunt brief but it never felt like enough information. Considering the fact that so many have tried and ultimately not succeeded in bringing us a true social network powered by the blockchain, I was eager to try out the Tata app.

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Easy Signup Process

Setting up a Tata account seems to be one of the easiest things to do on earth. The entire sign up process was so smooth that I'm finding it extremely difficult to recollect the steps I had to go through. I don't remember having any issues or knots to untie and I guess as far as first impressions go, Tata did alright.

It's Lonely Out Here!

One major issue with social media apps is that they are no good if your friends aren't on. While setting up the account, a bunch of (Chinese) users popped up in the suggestions of who to follow but I wasn't really interested in following complete strangers right from the get-go. However, after spending more than a few days on the app, I'm beginning to find some people I already know, and that has given me one more reason to use the app daily.

Talking of reasons to use the app daily, Tata has a reputation system you'll come to know about right after the signup process. Calculating reputation on Tata takes into consideration four different things; having real followers, building a healthier community, publishing good posts, and having good attendance. I didn't really have any control over my follower growth but I wanted to grow my reputation so I focused on publishing good posts and showing up daily. The quest to grow my reputation made me become a daily user of the Tata app. Nice move there.

So What's Tata For?


As you can see from the image above, Tata is essentially a photo-sharing app, like Instagram, that could potentially reward you for sharing your pictures and videos. If you have been using Instagram before now, you will have no issues getting around Tata. However, it must be noted that the features available are still very much limited. Hello, Filters! 😊

Interesting User Experience


From the use of the right icons to the proper layouts and smooth transition between sections of the app, Tata effectively won me over and it was a case of "love at first swipe" 😃. Many blockchain/decentralized apps from the past always tend to fail and wobble on the User Experience side of things but Tata seems to have scaled this hurdle just fine.

Earning Rewards


Although Tata promised to reward me for my contents, I wasn't told beforehand that I'd need to get a different app and undergo another registration process before I could start earning. I found it pretty difficult to complete the KYC step as the page wouldn't load completely. I even went as far as trying to find a solution on the web but couldn't find any link to complete the KYC. After trying for several hours, I resigned to not completing that step and in the process, forfeiting the potential rewards promised. That's one part that needs to be worked on.

Tagging Content

Unsure of what algorithm actually power Tata and how Captions and Tags affect the visibility of the posts, I haven’t really been able to get a hang of what I should and shouldn't do. Sometimes I tag my pictures, other times I don't. Either way, I still end up getting engagement on my posts. However, I think I'll be doing a lot more tagging as most of the tags appear to be in languages other than English.

Final Thoughts


So far, Tata has been a very sticky app as I have visited the app at least once a day since I downloaded it. If you like to take pictures, and won't mind sharing it on yet another platform (with the possibility of earning something extra), then you should download the Tata app.

Want to find me there, search for "Fi" 😉 or scan the barcode below



wow! most detailed review so far. Tata should pin this to their page

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