Mayans MC (Sons Of Anarchy Sequel) Series Review

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To all the fans of Sons Of Anarchy out there i have good news! 

2 days ago the first episode of the Mayans series came out and yesterday i watched it. To begin with i suggest that if you haven't seen sons of anarchy yet go and do so cause otherwise you may miss a lot of things in this show. That's just a speculation though but i am pretty positive i am right!

Sons of anarchy was one of the FX's biggest hit and was about one of the most notorious motorcycle gangs in America . Mayans was another motorcycle gang that was introduced to us in Sons of Anarchy and considered one of the big ones too. The Mayans are a Latino gang that has chapters all over the America!

The series is a post Jax Teller one(the protagonist in sons) so in a way it's a sequel. This time as i mentioned the whole plot is around the Mayans gang and the new ''Jax Teller" is Ezekiel (EZ) Reyes who is a prospect in Mayans after he got released from prison. 

When he was young he was a promising college student with photographic memory but he killed a cop that was later on discovered he was crooked and he was released but ofc there has to be a catch and that is that behind the scenes he works with a D.E.A agent. At the same time the main reason he joins the gang is because his brother is in it and he also wanna take down the boss (we don't know the exact reason yet)


In those 60+ minutes of the first episode we get to see another chapter of the Mayans which is pretty familiar as it's the Oakland one with  Marcus Alvarez as the president and we also see a scene in prison with the mother of Jax. There is also a huge cartel that's called Galindo cartel that pays the Mayans to smuggle drugs and also do a lot of other dirty works to a point that they feel they are becoming cartel's puppets.There's a bunch of other things going on in episode one like, fighting with other gangs and torturing gangsters cartel-style!  

I have high hopes for this show although i have to admit i am a bit biased from Sons too. The first episode was good but not great, but still is the first episode so we can't really determine the outcome. Also, i think that they should learn from some of their old mistakes from Sons and don't make too many episodes and seasons making the fans gone extremely bored. This is something that has happened not only in Sons but in other great series like Walking Dead.

Who remember this old face? :P

All in All If you liked Sons Of Anarchy or if you like gangs, motorcycles, cartel, Latinos then this show is for you!

I don't know why but i really love the Mexican songs and music in this show and generally in every other! 

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