Even nostalgia can't save Halloween (No spoilers)

in #review5 years ago

Alongside death, taxes, and terrible Adam Sandler movies, there are even more things out there to disappoint you.
There won't be any spoilers, so feel free to proceed. Now why does Halloween have a 7.3 (with 30+k votes) on IMDB, I do not know, but surely not because of how good it is. Such a rating for a horror movie - is quite a rare thing and I personally haven't found anything besides the opening credits scene, that has a worthwhile idea behind it.


The scene I am referring to (this isn't a spoiler either, so don't worry) is the opening credits scene with a reverse time lapse of a rotting pumpkin - that would somehow symbolize Myers coming back to life after 40 something years of being locked up.

Apart from the warm nostalgic feeling that the movie was supposed to give to people who were around to watch the original movies as kids/teenagers, it hardly lives up to the expectations. Halloween of 2018 didn't fail completely though, as it did manage to deliver a feeling of suspense at times, which is what horror-thriller movies are for. Yet that feeling quickly crumbles when you actually "listen" to character's dialogues/monologues or actually "watch" their expressions and body movements - leaving you 1 on 1 with the decorations that you start seeing in the background when there is nothing else holding your attention.

It took me quite a while to try to come up with a mediocre horror movie that would have been better in my opinion, yet rated a lot lower and I can set the original "Hills Have Eyes" as an example. "Hills Have Eyes" performs better in almost every way, however is rated a lot lower (possibly due to a bigger number of votes though).

I would like to say (in the light of the above), that I am no movie snob and 100% would have done a worse job of directing, casting etc. (although if that would have been what I do for a living, who knows?!?!?) and the whole point of writing this was to hear your opinion and thoughts on the movie, so if you disagree with me - feel free to smash me into pieces in the comment section below.

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