ShopMonopoly Bonus and Review – Shop Monopoly Bonuses X 2

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ShopMonopoly bonus by Bryan Winters is revealed. Plus a no-hype Shop Monopoly review.

As part of the new-launch discount, there is an exciting bonus for ShopMonopoly that involves additional “Done For You” eCommerce Product Listings as well as access to the 6 Figure Ecom Mogul Community.

But perhaps the most impressive ShopMonopoly bonuses come from the additional Mega Bonus Page. This includes free access to the popular Viral Lightning Affiliate Marketing & List Building System as well as a free CashBlurbs Membership.

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ShopMonopoly Bonus

OK, let us go over the complete ShopMonopoly bonus package, starting with the free memberships to the additional 2 marketing systems.

Shop Monopoly Bonus #1 (Mega) – Viral Lightning Free Software Access. Viral Lightning is an affiliate marketing & list building system that lets you act as a product vendor, but by promoting affiliate offers. You can customize the system to promote any offer you want and your referrals can choose to either buy your offer in order to activate their own upgraded copy of the system to use in their own promotions, or they can promote your link until they have referred you additional free subscribers. That way they can get free access, but you are also building your email list for free in the process.

Shop Monopoly Bonus #2 (Mega) – Cash Blurbs Members Access. This is a viral traffic site where you agree to share the promotional link of other members via social media. So you send other people free social media traffic and they do the same for you. It is a nice way to get some extra eyeballs on your offer for no extra cost.

And now let’s look at the free software bonuses for ShopMonopoly download that come with the main sales page.

Main Shop Monopoly Bonus #1 – 50 Done-For-Your Product Campaigns. This includes text, graphics, pictures, pricing, payment integration, and dropshipping information for 50 eCommerce products that are proven to sell well.

Main ShopMonopoly Bonus #3 – Community Access. This is a community of other online entrepreneurs & members of this system so you can learn from each other’s strategies, products, listings etc. So new ShopMonopoly members are not just left to go at it alone.

Shop Monopoly Review

Let’s do a quick review of Shop Monopoly and talk about the main features of this new product launch by Bryan Winters.

As part of this ShopMonopoly review it is important to highlight how this is innovative software that let’s you create your own professional eCommerce direct response marketing sales pages.

It is eCommerce store creation software, with a direct response marketing twist.

So instead of having a big store with lots of different items stocked in it, you are focusing on selling just 1 eCommerce product via 1 very focused sales page.

Many people trying to sell physical products find the big store approach to be a distraction for customers and would rather sell them 1 at a time.

So ShopMonopoly allows members to create these professional direct response marketing sales pages in a matter of minutes.

The members area includes full details on drop shipping companies that can be used to fulfil customer orders.

Also, users can sell digital products on this platform if they wish. It is totally up to the member what type of sales pages to create and what type of products they wish to sell.

One final thing to highlight in this Shop Monopoly review is that the system is created by Bryan Winters.

He has a proven track record of creating high converting internet marketing systems that have a built in viral component. Zippo Pay was his most recent launch, which provided the innovative technology of enabling visitors to choose between buying a product out right or promoting the page as an affiliate to generate a certain number of free leads in order to claim zero-cost access to the product by putting in that work.

ShopMonopoly is his latest creation, and the combination of eCommerce store creation with a more focused internet marketing style sales page approach is likely to prove popular with online entrepreneurs looking to take things to the next level.

To claim the bonus for ShopMonopoly as well as the new-launch discount offer be sure to visit the page below.

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