Anime Review - Radiant

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Radiant is an anime based on a french manga written and illustrated by Tony Valente.

The anime revolves around a young sorcerer Seth, in the world of magic and mysteries, who wants to become an amazinly powerful sorcerer in order to protect his people and get rid of the curse given to the people by Nemesis, the monsters that come from the sky so the sorcerers and normal humans can once again live together in peace.


The story premise is very typically, the anime involves typical main characters like most animes (eg pokemon, black clover etc).I reay disliked the personality of the Seth.

The main characters include, our typical Hero Seth, a split personality girl and a lecherous old guy.

The plot is not very original but despite that the anime has some aspects that are intriguing but the storytelling is a bit slow.

I didn't like Radiant too much, it has too much cliche elements to it, would be a nice anime for kids and anime newbies.The plot itself is more centered towards kids.


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