Nanite Fulcrum - A Crypto Collectibles Review

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  Not having used my GearVR in a while, I sometimes open the Oculus app and view what new games or experiences are available.  To my surprise, a new entry titled "Nanite Fulcrum" appears in the store to be added to the line of "comic books in virtual reality fad" that isn't really a fad but really should be. 

  While Oculus Rift users can dive into this issue for free, if you are Gear VR user like myself, get ready to plunk down 99 cents or more if you don't catch this while on discount.   Before opening the game I went ahead and did a quick refresher for myself with the other VR graphic novel offerings on Gear, Magnetique  and the Madefire Comics app.   Going with what things I have already seen done in this still fresh creative space, I was ready to jump in issue one of Nanite Fulcrum.  

  This review is going to touch little on the story only because there is very little here, so just focusing on making this spoiler free story wise will help you enjoy what plot points you are given if you do purchase it.  The comic opens with a really neat title screen room where you get a little meta by popping on a pair of VR glasses in front of you, much fancier looking than the GearVR.    

  While graphic novels in the VR space have many options on how to present you their story, Nanite Fulcrum takes a little page out of the Madefire Comics app with pages and panels displayed in front of you.  Images are crisp and the art is really well done.  3D rendered models are well made and fairly memorable for such a short story.    I've noticed a swivel chair is almost mandatory for other experiences, but with things mainly in front of you, this is a recliner friendly experience with the occasional peering around behind you, it never is necessary.  

  One of my favorite features of Nanite Fulcrum are some panels have a blue highlight around them, if you stare at those panels you are then basically zoomed and transported into that panel.   It sounds corny typing it, but it works, really well.  The panels feature bonus art and help expand and immerse you just that little bit more in the story.

[Panel highlighted blue = dream world of magic]

  Finding these panels isn't really a challenge as they are very obviously highlighted blue, so it isn't a game so much as a bonus feature that really actually helps build the characters, worlds, and events.   I will admit, I ran through the story the first time thinking I must have seen all the panels to find out I didn't catch two of them along the way so re-read the story right away.   I didn't mind it, and since the first go-round I was focused a lot on the tech side of things that second run through really helped the story steep in and I'm ready for issue two, so hope Spiraloid doesn't take too long to release it.

Score - 5 out of 5

  I am super satisfied with Nanite Fulcrum, and it had a lot going against it.   Like a storyline I was not familiar with, I still yearn for a classic Marvel or DC tale translated into VR.  So despite this, I was given a fresh story that fits with the feel of wearing a VR helmet to read a comic book.  Graphics are crisp and art is really cool looking, and storyline wise feels right as well.  My only qualm really is depth, feeling nearly like a sampler than a full 'issue one'.    Why this is free for Rift users and I had to pay 99 cents is another thing that grinds my gears, but I can safely say I took the big risk for you and am here to say give up your dollar and pick this up if you are into comic books and have a Gear VR.


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