Coletta's Restaurant Review: Negril, Jamaica

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Potential Power of Reviews on ReggaeSteem

In this post, I will continue my series of reviewing local Jamaican businesses. It’s important to continue embellishing on this array of new posts here on ReggaeSteem because it offers an advertising and marketing incentive for Jamaican businesses located in Negril. The hope in the future is that restaurants, hotels, travel destinations, etc. will either join us here on ReggaeSteem and share their services while also marketing their business at the same time. They could also pay to have someone do this for them if they wish, becoming especially beneficial during peak tourism season. Either way, they would earn JAHM and also receive promotional services for doing so – a win-win situation no matter how you put it.

All we have to do is continue doing what we are doing, spreading the word, and expanding our user-base from Caribbean roots. JAHMfest is really going to act as a catalyst for Caribbean on-boarding as many more eyes will become exposed to this platform and the benefits in which ReggaeSteem offers beyond culture and reggae. JAHMfest will also act as an awareness-building and educational blockchain conference where interested folks can learn how to use this next generation technology.

The JAHM earned through ReggaeSteem could be redeemed for marketing services, helping them grow their customer base, as the Caribbean continues to become one of the largest and most well sought-after travel destinations around the globe. This recent post by @doitvoluntarily explains how tourism is ramping up in this region alone. Through my experiences, I may offer these sort of reviews as a tool to cater to later posts that will come to the feed as one of the most unique aspects of this technology is - immutability.

Coletta's Restaurant & Snacks Review

Jamacia 2010 127.jpg
2010 Restaurant Sign @Coletta's

Jamaica 2014 073.jpg
You can see they repainted and designed the signage in 2014

One restaurant that has been talked about a lot on the feed is Coletta’s. @super-irie talks about this local eatery all the time from our travels here. This place has become one of our favorite joints to eat at when we're in Negril. At first, it was just our breakfast joint. Later we realized their lunches and dinners were just as good if not better. The great thing about this spot is that it’s pretty much right next door to our favorite place of stay – The Rondel Village.

Jamaica 2014 250.jpg

Jamaica 2014 150.jpg

Only about 200 meters or so down Norman Manley Blvd. from the Rondel, toward the town center, you will find Coletta’s – a quaint local joint painted in the colors of the Jamaican flag – situated on the left hand-side of the busy roadway. You walk in and the first thing you’ll realize is all the locals eat here. Once in a blue moon there will be a tourist or family that clearly isn’t from Jamaica walk through the screen door – it’s a rarity, though. Usually it's a referral we had previously given some folk we met earlier that day or during the trip. We'd head there and see them at Coletta's enjoying their meal. They'd be shoveling it in, smile at us with a mouth full of food, not once coming up for air!

Jamaica 2014 029.jpg
Didn't have shirts - they made us take a seat outside this a.m.

Better have your shirt and shoes on because this place is a “no shoes no shirt no business” family-run restaurant. The food is fresh and cooked like you remember Grandma’s home cookin’ back home, but Jamaican-style. You can get a diverse array of dishes from traditional Jamaican to Western-style dishes. A fresh fruit platter is always a solid option to complement whatever meal you decide to choose to start your irie day in Negril.

Jamacia 2010 129.jpg
Irie Breakfast - the most important meal of the day

Jamacia 2010 128.jpg
Compare this photo to the one above - Coletta's underwent a paint job sometime between '10 -'14

Many of my times to Coletta’s has included an encounter with someone that I previously ran into on the 7-mile. The atmosphere is friendly and usually results in having a sit-down breakfast with whomever I happen to run into that day. Other times super-irie and I invite a friend along with us to have a meal. We’ve had meals with our buddy Dwayne Clark and Garth from the Ya Mon Catamaran here - @super-irie always springs of course.

Jamaica 2014 158.jpg
Garth enjoying a Fish Meal with us @Coletta's

Jamaica 2014 144.jpg
That's what it should look like when you're finished

The business was started back in the day by the family and was later passed down to the "sisters." They're the head cooks running the business now and certainly Coletta's was left in good hands. I can't count on my own two hands the number of times I have been here, but I can honestly say that you will never be disappointed. There's one menu, which includes the local prices. You won't be stuck paying the tourist price if you find yourself at Coletta's.

It's cheap, fresh, and delicious. What more could you truly ask for when it comes to food?

Visit Coletta's Facebook Here

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Hi @conradsuperb I loved your review of this small business in Negril, Jamaica. Sound like a great place to visit. I also agree with you about businesses in the Caribbean expanding their customer base by joining ReggaeSteem and promoting themselves and their businesses.

Thanks for sharing. I have curated your post and utilized one of your pictures to show the wonderful menu items if you don't mind.

That sure looks a beautiful place to eat... and with very tasty food, too! 😋

Excellent review, thanks for sharing!

Congratulations on being featured by @justclickindiva in an entry for the Pay It Forward Contest

@conradsuperb, Absolutely true words brother. In a way Review Ecosystem is great way to spread the Two Ways Beneficial Point Factor and by that i mean, in a way ** Review Ecosystem** helping Businesses to connect with People and vice versa.

Keep up with your very Productive work brother. Stay blessed. 😁

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Best breakfast and fried chicken. You have to visit more than once.
My choice.

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Seconded here.
On my way..

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Excellent post! Looks like a fabulous place to eat, even when you forget to wear your shirts, lol. Looks like you enjoyed it too. Thanks for sharing with us.

I found this post because @justclickindiva featured it in the Pay it Forward Curation contest. Keep up the great work!

Love your initiative in spotlighting local Jamaican businesses on ReggaeSteem! It's such a cool way to support the community while also giving these businesses a platform to shine. Speaking of shining, let me share a little story. Last summer, I stumbled upon this charming French cuisine Adelaide. The ambiance was straight out of a Parisian dream, and the food? Oh, it was divine. Every bite felt like a culinary journey through France.

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