The World Talking About This Phone ! My First Phone Review

in review •  2 months ago

Hello Steem Homies,

I been trying to post this video for 4 hours last night and now I'm at the airport waiting for my flight to go to Italy.
Well I have 3 hours in the airport haha. Really want to post this video because I want you guy to see this phone.
I like it a lot . At first I bought it for fly my drone but now I use it for my everyday use . I watch videos for 2 hours its never get hot. Amazing ! For sure it good for gaming . And the IR face unlock working so well I would say better than a lot of expensive phone . This is a very cheap phone but they give you a lot .
This is win my heart !
Check it out !



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Cool phone

Posted using Partiko Android

Great review Anne, I haven't heard about that phone. I don't know if we have it here but pretty cool. <3

wow! you have a great phone! :) That is the latest gaming phone now. Looks cool!

Realy awesome features this phone .

good job best review video

Ana you should do more review of things, you do it so well and also this phone is incredible, and is not as expensive as an IphoneX and is almost the same.
Thank you for this information.

Thanks for your review. I am also a normal person (user), and the phone is only recently released in my country. I think I am going to check it out.