Pro Evolution Soccer 2019 Review

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Each time Konami takes a step in the right direction to bring the Pro Evolution Soccer back to its peak again, the Japanese company has retreated dozens of steps backwards. The Pro Evolution Soccer 2019 comes with a series of new European leagues that appear for the first time such as the Danish, Russian, Belgian and Turkish league, The series lost the rights of the most famous championships in the continent in the last 10 years - the Champions League, the European Champions League and the European Super League.

This is in addition to the absence of most of the major league licenses, including English and Spanish and some Italian clubs, official teams or the slogans of those clubs and stadiums, which has been repeated for many years without any solutions except to obtain the licenses of some clubs in each league, such as Arsenal, Liverpool and Barcelona, ​​and build Therefore, most fans of the series tend to download the amendment files to get rid of the problem of licenses and enjoy competing in the contest relying on their favorite clubs without using alternative names or clothing has nothing to do with the ground.

Luckily, Konami focused more on Pro Evolution Soccer 2019 on the gameplay, which saw great changes in all its aspects to get a football game that is not only characterized by a distinctive graphic level, but also offers great realism in the movements of the players and the transfer of the ball and the exchange of centers and different options available to reach the goal, Since I have been a game lover since PES 2 in 2003 for the first time in 15 years, I feel that there are real changes in the style of playing and re-working on the speed of players. PES 2019 is a collective football game that forces players to pass the ball constantly and exploit the opponent's gaps instead of Jogging is not enough Stop on the sides and send cross balls inside the box.

These changes are clearly visible in the players' movement, which has become somewhat slower, especially when the player's position is changed from the front to back. This makes the pressure easier for the opponent, and under the artificial intelligence of defenders it is difficult for any player to dribble continuously or pass more than one defender depending on his speed. , So I found myself forced to pass the ball longitudinal and casual all the time waiting for the attackers to open spaces in the defense of the opposing team, but unfortunately the attack options in the game is somewhat limited under the movements of the strange attackers and not running towards the goal most of the time or go down midfield to support the midfield Making the counterattack less effective, whatever its strategies or tactics.

In order to increase realism, the physical condition of the players plays a clear role in their performance on the pitch. PES 2019 relies on the Visible Fatigue system by depleting the players' energy over time by simulating the player's physical condition on the ground. This is evident in the last third of The age of the game, where some players have the ability to run long distances or pass the required precision balls, which leads us to another feature appeared before in FIFA 18 is the ability to make changes during the course of the game without entering the main list, and PES in this part by giving Full of humor Yeh the player to make the change, who wishes to do, unlike FIFA, which suggests a certain player in a specific center.

These new elements combined with the distinctive graphical level of the game provided an atmosphere of enthusiasm for each game, especially with the use of a new lighting system Enlighten Global Illumination provides very accurate reflections of players under the sun or night lighting, and with different settings for each game vary between rain Snow, and dry weather, PES 2018 has provided a great overview both in stadium design and audience interaction, or even in the features of players and animations.

Once again, the game of the Master League has returned with very limited changes. It retained the same features as last year's edition with the addition of 7 new leagues, and the Team Role, which focuses on the 22 key features of the players. Endurance and level of development. This system is used to help increase investments in the club and thus have a larger return. The more stars the team has, the more players and sponsors will be.

On the other hand, myClub continues to rely on the same strategy to get players through packages that can be opened based on the virtual game currency to get pre-determined players, with no open transfer market like the FIFA Ultimate Team, A constant update of the players' abilities based on their performance each week with their different clubs. New players can be hired in easier and more accurate ways than previous parts. The matches here are limited to player matches against player or against artificial intelligence. In contrast, But the absence of competitive competitions and competitive games can not be tolerated in the face of more diverse FIFA competitions such as Draft and FUT Champions, which helps fuel competition among users and prolong the game's life for the longest period. Enabled.

PES 2019 comes with a new set of Magic Moments, the special skills of the most famous players, bringing the total skill to 39 players only and simulating their main abilities whether running very fast or the ability to pay from long distances accurately or more than a full-speed player.

One of the most troubling things in the game is the decisions of some referees who condone the calculation of constant errors and constantly pointing to the game of playing player balls against a player in which the physical factor plays a major role in determining the victor. But even though the physical clash is far from the ball itself, The referee rarely calculates a mistake. On the other hand, the goalkeeper has seen significant improvements in the concentration of guards, the way they move and their handling of nearby balls, making the scoring of goals even more difficult than any previous part.


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