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Hey everyone!

This new game arrived on Steam, after hearing about it from a few friends and @steeminator3000 constantly telling me to check it out I finally folded, took a small break from the usual CS:GO and tried it out. Haven't been playing it too much yet, a couple hours only but wanted to chime in what I think about it so far.

This is the entry screen showing some recent news from the game developers. As you can already tell, microtransactions are in this game as well as they are becoming really popular lately. Hopefully blockchain technology will make them a lot more beneficial to both developers and players in the future. There are also loot boxes in this game which have raised some controversy lately in games such as CS:GO and the new Star Wars due to the gambling nature it provokes in players. Of course these are all only visible changes, meaning they don't affect your games such as making it a Pay2Win game.

Here in this screenshot you can see the different matches you can queue up to. First one being the casual one which is meant to let you learn to play your champion with another player versus other players. I have so far only been playing this one ranged champion which you will be able to see some gameplay footage in the video down below, so I already tried the competetive mode a bit more with it called "League". Private is meant for playing versus bots which is usually meant for brand new champions you are playing and want to figure out how they work in combat without embarrassing yourself versus other players.

Battlegrounds is new so I haven't been able to try it out yet, but it does sound really fun!

Here is a collection of all current Champions, as you can see some cost ingame currency to unlock, which I guess can also be purchased and not just earned through playing. They have a wide variety of Champions already and as you can see from the News screen there are new ones popping up constantly, reminds me a little bit of League of Legends.
There are Melee Champions, Ranged, Tanks and Healers. All with different abilities and playstyles. This means to be able to master a Champion well you will have to play them for quite some time and knowing one champion well doesn't mean that it will be enough. If other players in competetive gaming know your Champion they will have an advantage knowing your playstyle thus you should also get to play most Champions if you want to focus in that front.

They also have mounts in this game that you ride in the beginning of the battle, these have also different "skins" that you can purchase either through ingame coins you earn or purchase.

Here is a video of me playing it, talking a little bit about what it is about and what is happening in the Casual game. Apologize for the low voice volume, will try and fix it or get a better mic for the upcoming Reviews!


@tipu curate

This is a good game, can be learned quickly.
If it is possible, I will gladly play with you even a custom for fun!

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