How These Websites Earning Providing Free Items?

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How FreePik, Pixabay, Unsplash, Gratisography, PixLoger, FreePhotosBank, ImageFree generate revenue?
Or they just provide free photo & videos without getting any money for this...

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Many sites providing free items

There are many sites you can get free items and they do not ask to pay and possibly never in the future. They do have a donation page at least few of them have even you can directly donate to any artist you like.

It must be noted by all visitors who like these site for free items that nothing is FREE. At least server charges and domain name cost. So, keeping those things running well and providing more quality items need money.

So these sites generate revenue in some way apart from the donation because not all sites have a donation page.

How do they generate revenue?

Well in most case you will see the way the site uses to generate revenue. Few sites have a different idea for this.

For money Adsense program is one and most favorite for all developers and content makers and then Affiliate marketing. Let us see how these sites make revenue.

FreePik - (Vector, Photo & PSD) Yes you can download free graphics but you need to give credit for that. The same graphic could be taken without any credit link by purchasing the item.
Revenue - Sale, Adsense, Advertising, Affiliate

Pixabay - (Photo, Vector, Video) It is totally free to download and not attribute is required. They are not selling any image directly but uses affiliate links on the sidebar when someone visits the image detail page. Also, they have a donation button for the content makers.
Revenue- Affiliate & Donation

Unsplash - (Images & Pictures) Free photos and no attribute is required but appreciated. They do not show ads from Adsense but they have affiliate links which are not in such a way one might notice. Also, they sell items.
Revenue - Sale, Affiliate

Gratisography - (Photos) They do not use Adsense program but one can easily see the offer bar on the top. Which will give you the discount on purchasing any photo also it is visible on the image detail page.
Revenue - Affiliate

PixLoger - (Photos) Offers free photographs. Not selling directly but uses the Adsense program and affiliate links.
Revenue - Adsense & Affiliate

FreePhotosBank - (Photos) Free to use photgraphs.
Revenue - Affiliate

ImageFree - (Photos) Member can download free photo.
Revenue - Adsense program

FreeImages - (Photos) Photo to anyone. Uses affiliate link on the image detail page.
Revenue - Affiliate program

Royalty free photgraphs
Copyright free photographs
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Last note about revenue

There are many sites similar to this and you may ask for a particular site. By these examples above I have mentioned, you could understand every site need to earn some money to keep running the site if not to earn.

So if you can support by donating any artist or purchasing.

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