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I am Kenzo, pastor, and missionary. I have had many experiences with God. I travelled to Africa to preach the Word. I opened a church in Mutare, Zimbabwe. When I arrived there I faced many wizards. A wizard named Ronald Muzona, one of the most powerful wizards in the city of Mutare Zimbabwe. Tried to kill me with his spells. He sacrificed thirteen goats and thirty-three chickens.
I kept doing God's work there and winning souls until Ronald Muzona met with the worst sorcerers that afternoon to kill me. I heard the deafening noises of the drums. I knew that the forces of evil gathered themselves to attack me.

Satan was furious with my arrival there; many missionaries who went there did not withstand the pressure and the oppression of the devils and returned to their countries as failures. I stayed in that place. I clashed against the legions and the principality of that place. I know that it was God who sent me there. Why should He fear that He would be with me?

I gained many sorcerers there. They failed to overthrow me. They saw the power of
God in my life. They had no choice but to lay down their lives for Jesus.

I had opened an old wooden church there, that place was filling up with people. To my surprise, Ronald Muzona entered the church. The moment I ministered, my vision opened. I saw a legion of demons inside his body. I knew that night would be different. Ronald Muzona came in not to hear the Word, he came to confront me. This sorcerer came to measure my strength. Ronald Muzona came in, pointed his finger and some brothers began to fall to the ground. They were not prepared for a bombardment of spells. The congregation was frightened when that sorcerer came in. The people knew his fame,

Ronald Muzona said, "Pastor, you have so far resisted my strength, you are the first to resist me. I was curious to confront you personally, so far I have fought against you within my territory. I came here to your church, one of us will be ashamed today. I cannot accept a wizard stronger than I. This region is mine and if you want this region, you will have to defeat me tonight."

Ronald pointed his finger at me, I felt a punch in the chest. I stood looking at him but when I pointed the finger at him in the authority of Jesus Christ, he fell into demonic manifestations. The brothers could not hold Ronald, he had a legion in his body that was struggling on the ground uncontrollably. I called the angel Gabriel. Ronald was paralyzed on the ground. I saw the angel Gabriel plucking those small demons in the size of a thumb. A cleansing in that wizard's body was being made, he was cleaned up without any demons remaining in him. The brothers lifted him off the floor and led him to the pulpit. I laid my hands over his head. Ronald felt
the presence so strong of the Holy Spirit and began to speak in tongues. Ronald wept with joy.

I saw when two angels went down and measured him from head to foot and another with a bottle in his hand and poured over his head. Then when Ronald delivered his life that night he spoke a few words, "I went to church. I was willing to have a duel with the pastor. I promised myself that if the pastor would win this duel I would give my life to Jesus if his God is greater than my all gods together. I would leave the legions of gods to serve his God. I went to shame his ministry. Who was defeated was me."

"I embarrassed several pastors. They were forced to close their churches here in Mutare. The only churches that are open in this region are the churches with me, pastors who have made an alliance with me and participate in the powers of the three. I obliged these pastors to follow the evil legions. They were afraid when my spells left them sick; some they went away with fear and others recognized my powers and made a covenant of peace with me, following my gods. Here are full of churches covenanted with demons. Serious churches that fight evil forces do not stay here in Mutare because of the wizards."

"Pastor Kenzo was different. He arrived in the region to impose the dominion of Jesus here. He is a pastor experienced in spiritual wars; he was not intimidated by the wizards of the region and no spell of ours could take this pastor. This caught my eye and attracted me to meet this God that he serves. Many who came to this region speaking of Jesus never demonstrated His power. That pastor did not only preach Jesus, he also demonstrated the power of his God. The region came to believe much more in Jesus through the life of Pastor Kenzo. He gained many souls here, proved that the gods of the pack are nothing more than ants compared to his God. I was freed from these demons. I was their slave, now I am free."

"When the brothers took me to the altar where Pastor Kenzo ministered, he put his hands on my head. I saw a ball of fire leaving his body and entering me. I did not want to exalt this man but, he proved to me that men of God exist, that he is not a false shepherd. If he were a farce I would know, because the demons would tell me and reveal to me the falsehood of these shepherds. These false pastors never had the strength to face me. They preferred to stay by my side and open their churches.
They did not want trouble with me, some paid a fee to put up their churches. They were afraid that I would destroy their ministry and their lives. Many of them open their churches here to expand the sales market of sacred objects. "

"I started to walk in the wooden church that Kenzo opened. The people were getting more set on fire after the pastor showed that our Jesus is bigger and made me a great example to inspire confidence in the brethren. It increased a flame in every heart, encouraged the brethren not to be afraid to preach the Gospel because of sorcerers. Many sorcerers were converted before me and others after my conversion. The truth is that the sorcerers were afraid of this wooden church that the pastor opened. The sorcerers stopped playing witchcraft and decided to let the people go."

"I went to a blessed service, Pastor Kenzo put his hands on my head. I fell to the ground and I was taken to hell. I came back scared. I will not report what I saw there. I will leave to tell my testimony in hell for the first time after the church. I just want to talk about my conversion. I know that Pastor Kenzo cannot stay with us forever; he is a missionary who is here on a mission and when his time is over he will return to his homeland. I hope to one day travel and see the pastor in the United States where he stays. I have received threats from sorcerers. They told me that they cannot overcome the angelic protection of Pastor Kenzo and when the pastor leaves, the sorcerers will attack our Christian community. They believe they will overcome us without the presence of the pastor. The pastor left people on fire who are willing to go head-on with these wizards. The work that Pastor Kenzo left in this region is of God. The devil will not destroy. This work is bearing fruit, Pastor Kenzo is returning from the mission to his home."

I told them, "I'm leaving for my home and taking letting you take care of the ministries that I left you. I faced many difficulties in this place because of the poverty of this region but I did all this for Jesus wherever He will send me. Also, my love for you made me resist all evil oppression. I'm going to leave Pastor Ronald Muzona to take care of this work. He has very strong leadership. As he was a sorcerer before, he is the most capable of directing this work."

I took the plane to return home and the lights went out. I saw a furious demon wanting to take down the plane. He was furious with me for having fulfilled God's mission in Africa but, he could not bring down the plane, because God is with me.

I returned home, praying at dawn. The Holy Spirit made me go to the backyard of my house. I saw a black and endless tunnel opening in my yard. I asked, "Lord, what is it?" The Holy Spirit revealed to me, "It's the gate of hell."

I saw some demons come out of this dark hole. They were fierce. I had never seen such speed. I work in the deliverance ministry but those types of demons I saw leaving I had never faced. I saw an evil being as if he had a body of a person. I do not know if he would resist.

I watched and asked the Lord, "What is happening?" FAMILY BREAK UP DEMONS
He revealed to me that demons that were trapped in hell are being loosed to destroy mankind. The Lord told me, "These demons will destroy families. That is their speciality. They will make parents kill children, children kill parents. They will
make parents abuse their daughters, husbands drop their wives and women walk away leaving their husbands. New divorce demons have been loosed and are breaking up families. These are the worst demons of the end times."

I felt my body shudder. I went into the bedroom and I lay down on my bed. I felt my breathing fading, my spirit left leaving my body in the room. An angel came down to me, my spirit was on the angel's side waiting for my mission this time.


I went down to hell with the angel, he told me, "Today we are going to visit a part of hell, the abyss."

The angel and I entered hell and then we went to a different place. In that place, there were no souls and no demons tormenting souls. It was a dark place without fire and a legion of angels trapped in that place. They were not demons but angels who have sinned in the past and we're in an abyss. I came near an angel, he looked at me with great hatred and tried to grab me but the chains held that angel, preventing him from catching me. I looked at these angels. They were black and their original forms of angels disappeared and gave place to monsters of horrifying aspects.

I suddenly saw them become locusts. Their appearances were as described in Revelation 9:7-8 And the shapes of the locusts were like unto horses prepared unto battle, and on their heads were as it were crowns like gold, and their faces were as the faces of men. And they had hair as the hair of women, and their teeth were as the teeth of lions.

I had never witnessed devils so terrible.

The angel said, "These are the grasshopper angels who will be loosed to torment the earth. Satan will receive the key to that place and will lead this army and release these creatures to harm humanity."

I said, "There the Earth will be like a living hell when these creatures go up there."

The angel showed me an angel who was trapped in the chains. This angel turned into a dragon with several heads. The angel said, "That is the Beast who will be the Antichrist on Earth." The angel showed me a part of the abyss where there was no angel trapped. A vast, dark and dangerous place, prepared for someone. The angel said, "This place is where Satan will be trapped for a thousand years."


We kept walking and went elsewhere to the part of hell where the souls are. The angel showed me a Christian woman who was in hell. He said, "This person is here for wearing a beach bikini. Satan created the bikini for the people to walk naked on the beach. It is not for the women of God to be wearing this low piece of dress." Today there are many Christian women who wear this diabolic piece under the
skirt and many women wear transparent clothes and underwear. WHATSAPP
I saw the devil who created Whatsapp. A legion of demons came into Whatsapp and many souls are in hell because of this little app. Pastors who betrayed their
wives through that app were in hell. I saw young people in hell making adultery encounters through WhatsApp.

The angel showed me a believer in hell, he wept repentant. Satan deceived him, used a very beautiful woman in Whatsapp. That brother did not resist her beauty and went to the woman's house to prostitute. This woman's boyfriend found the couple lying in bed and murder the two. This believer was sorry for having fallen into the temptation.


I saw the Facebook creator demon and many brothers are in hell because of Facebook. That Facebook demon had a female legion of demons who use beautiful women on Facebook to overthrow many believers. These female demons came into those women and made them expose their nakedness and cause many to desire in their hearts and sin with eyes.

Another young Christian was in hell by being addicted to Facebook; he was killed by black magic. A very strong wizard met this young man in Facebook. He took advantage of his spiritual weakness and cast a death spell. Satan had asked a sorcerer to take the soul of this young man; he was there in hell.


I went to the part in hell where I saw Gospel singers burning in hell, both singers and musicians. I asked the angel, "Why were they there?" The angel told me, "They marketed praise and became rich; they praised not for love, only for money. The more they had, the more they wanted to have. They never bothered to help the work of God and the needy, only wanted to do praise to earn money. Many churches spent money on these mercenaries, money from the holy work of the Lord that could be used to serve and help the needy.


I saw famous preachers burning in hell. The angel said, "They charged a high price for their ministry, sucking up the savings of the churches; they sold the Word of God as merchandise. They are merchants of the faith and are now in hell."

I saw in hell Christian soccer football fans. They were fanatics. They put their clubs above Jesus. They missed church services because of soccer games. They stopped going to church because of the world cup. They traveled to places far to see their clubs playing, spending money for their club and did not help the work of God. They were believers and are in hell suffering.

I've seen demons that have names of football clubs; they have monsters heads and are in shirts of clubs, each demon wears a shirt from a different club. They steal the time and worship of God through the football clubs.


The angel showed me several believers walking around town. They were in shorts and T-shirts. The demons were laughing at them and throwing darts of infirmities. Many of these brothers fell ill with malignant diseases, others became ill and died in the hospital. I saw a hospital far from the city and many sick believers dying and demons came to seek their souls.

I asked the angel, "Why are devils harming the believers with their darts of infirmities?"

The angel said to me, "They walk like the wicked in shorts and T-shirts. This is a sin before God. They do not understand that they are saints and need to keep their bodies holy."

I saw women believers in shorts walking down the street and also getting sick because of their dressing. The angel said, "They scandalize the Word and still want to beat Satan."

The angel took me to seven shepherds' houses. I saw shirtless shepherds at home and walking in shorts, others were in tank tops. Their women who call themselves servants were in shorts and sleeveless shirts. They were at ease.

I saw a ball of fire moving away from the houses of these shepherds and a black cloud approaching. The angel said, "Many of them think they are saved but their
actions deny the Holy Word. The Holy Spirit departs from these homes because of sin."


The angel and I went to the beach. The angel pointed to me twenty-three evangelicals on the beach; he showed me sisters and brothers who were naked taking a tan. The angel said, "They know that this is a sin but they still do."


The angel took me to a church. The state of that church made me sad. I said to the angel, "Is there anyone chosen in the church?" I saw in the midst of this crowd a few people with the sign on their foreheads and a small light that shone in them. The angel said, "There are few chosen in corrupted churches."


The angel said, "Notice the praises Kenzo. I saw the sisters praising and their praises were smoke rising up to the ceiling of the church." I asked the angel what that means. The angel said, "These praises are not of God Kenzo. These lyrics do not exalt the Father but contain human philosophies."

After the young people began praising Gospel songs with the rock style, the angel said, "This rhythm is devilish, created by Satan. Many singers are putting these rhythms in praise. Man uses his strategies to attract humanity with these rhythms. Every rhythm of these servants in the world contaminates the praises of God."


The angel took my hand and we flew to heaven at a speed. The speed that this angel took me to heaven seemed like lightning. The angel took me to heaven and we entered the white temple where I saw angels praising God. That temple was filled with the glory of God and thousands of angels praised, glorified and exalted God. The angel said, "Kenzo, this is the true praise that God receives."

I said to the angel, "It is very difficult to make holy praises there on earth. We are sinners."
The angel said, "Man can make holy praises, not as perfect as those of heaven but can make holy praises that please God. The Holy Spirit is on earth to inspire the Levites."


The angel took my hand and we descended to Earth like lightning. We entered a small church. I saw the people on their knees crying. The angel collected the tears that were shed. Those tears were put in the glass and turned into gold. Then the angels went up with those tears to heaven.

I asked the angel, "Are these people humbling themselves so much?"

The angel said, "This church has gone through great tribulations and yet it has not denied the Word."

I observed what was happening. I looked and I saw angels with golden jars collecting the tears of each person there. When the tears fell inside that bottle, they turned into gold. These angels went up to heaven carrying tears to heaven.


I saw other angels picking up strands of hair that fell and went up. I asked the angel, "Do not they let anything of the believer stay?
The angel said, "All that which is of the holy believer, becomes holy and does not remain on the earth, so I say that any sister who shears your holy hair the angels will gather and in the day of judgment these cut hair will be the proofs of his condemnation. The holy hair of the sisters is of reference to the angels."


The angel said, "Kenzo, you have to go back to your body." The angel took me to my body and my spirit entered my body.

I was lying in the living room, my wife said, "What are you doing on the cold ground?"

I told her, "The Lord revealed to me hidden things in this new experience."
The other day I received an invitation to preach in a church far away. I called the elder Leslie from my ministry. We took the car and we went to that place. Halfway
I saw a black figure passing. That shadow crossed the car quickly. The car stopped. I asked Leslie if he saw the black figure passing by, he said he saw nothing. We got out of the car and the car was not broken down. The gasoline ran out. I found it strange because I had put gasoline in the measure to arrive at the place. I had filled the tank to get to that church in an hour. Something was wrong going on there.

Leslie said, "I'm going to get a ride to the gas station that is far from here. I need to bring this gas." Leslie hitchhiked for a ride but no cars stopped. I saw the faces of these drivers transfigured into monsters. I knew that the demons were using them not to give a ride even though we offered money. The demons intended to stop the work. Leslie did not see those demons and began to speak profanities insulting the drivers.

I said to Leslie, "The problem is not with the drivers, they are possessed by
demons. Getting a ride will be difficult; it means that God will act in that church so these demons do not want us to go."

Leslie lost his head and began to challenge the demons.

I said, "Leslie, let's walk the two of us to get the gasoline. It will take a while to get to the station. We are far from the city and the shops."

Leslie and I began to walk. The rain began to fall, Leslie began to complain about life.

I said, "Do not murmur, God is testing us, He is allowing all this; nature is against us and the demons persecute us, God will act in that place, something special will happen there."

After my words, a boy stopped and gave us a ride to the gas station and from there we got some gasoline, came back and we got to our destination. The name of this church is Jesus is King, missionary ministry.

I ministered the Word that night before that worship ended. A demon manifested in a woman. The devil said, "You declared war with me, now you will never have peace in your family. I will overthrow your faith." The demon said, "I am Lucifer. I came here because I knew that you would come. I hate you, you are a disgusting, resilient and bigoted being. You insist on preaching the truth, freeing the captives and exposing my false shepherds and prophets "

I put my hand on the woman's head and drove Satan out of her life. Satan said, "I'm not going to leave, she does not want me to go. If she wanted to, she would drop what belongs to me."

I told the sisters to hold her, and I neutralized Satan. The sisters took away the
pairs of earrings that were in the woman's ear.s I gave orders and Satan left. I know God does not like the woman to wear earrings but, Satan did not want to leave because of those earrings. That was too much for me. There was something hidden there.

I got the pair of earrings. I raised them up and prayed to the Lord. I asked Him to reveal to me. The Holy Spirit revealed to me that a Satanist opened a store of earrings and offered all those earrings to Satan before selling his wares. He sacrificed animals and threw the blood on the earrings and made a ritual of mind- control with the heads of these sacrificed animals. These earrings were selling a lot, for the ritual hypnotized the women to buy and all who put on the earrings Satan took over the minds of the wearers.

After the demon in the woman was gone, she confirmed all that the Holy Spirit had told me.

Listen to what she said:

My name is Jennifer. I was walking in the mall stores. I went by an earring shop. When I looked at that pair of earrings I was enchanted. I fell in love with them. The man who sold me the earring was in black, it was very strange. When I put those earrings, I began to feel strange. I felt afraid at night. I had nightmares. I started to become aggressive and nervous, it seemed I was going crazy. I started to do things I did not do. I had strong headaches. When I took off the earring, everything was normal. When I put it I felt like someone else, it seemed like
something strange was controlling my mind. I liked to wear the earring. I only knew what was hidden in those earrings when the pastor revealed. All this took away my doubts that I suspected so much. I knew there was something strange in my earrings. I just did not know what it was. I thought it was a thing in my head.

After the confession of that woman I prayed and many people converted to Jesus. I saw angels coming down with a book of life noting the names of the new converts. God operated in that place. The church entered into a covenant with God since it was now fallen. I understand why I spent much time in my car to get there.

I came home. I prayed that same night thanking God for His victory over Satan. FALLEN PASTORS WHATSAPP FACEBOOK SOCIAL NETWORKING
That night the Lord brought me several visions on the pulpits of many churches. I saw many pastors, lecturers on the pulpit. The Holy Spirit revealed to me that many are on God's holy altar with sin in their lives. In a vision, the Lord showed me that many there betrayed their wives. At first sight, I saw one married pastor
going out with a young woman in the praise group. The second vision I saw a third time I saw a Christian betraying his wife in social networks, committing the virtual betrayal. In the fourth vision, I saw an evangelist making a date with a woman through Whatsapp. This woman was a prostitute. I saw a female demon possessing this woman to overthrow this evangelist. I saw the devil who commands the Whatsapp, he's terrible, soul-winner that knocks down many men of God and I saw the devil who runs Facebook. Together these demons are doing havoc in the churches.

I discovered the two great areas of this twenty-first century that the demons are attacking. The Holy Spirit told me that these adulterous men are not worthy to stand upon God's holy altar. Then the Holy Spirit led me to the bedroom of my son and made me turn on his computer. The spirit of God made me open the Facebook page. My vision opened and I saw several photos of millions of rows of the people who were trapped inside a giant cage,

The Holy Spirit said, "Pray for all those people who are imprisoned in the dark world, many who are there have died. There is a very strong Satanist who has entered into social networks, met thousands of people and is using his profile in
black magic and has killed many. His targets are the people of this evil network created by Satan, every photo you saw is in danger. There is even a Christian that is being targeted by Satan who has two more Satanists who help to destroy these people from the network. These three Satanists have destroyed the ministries of pastors through this social network."

"Many Christians are drifting away. The youth of the churches are leaving the way of life and entering the addictions to drugs because of these spells of the wizards of Facebook. Raise an urgent cry for these lives that I showed in view of the people who use this network."

I raised my hands towards to the computer and I made an hour-long cry inside my sleeping son's room. Then I turned off the computer. I went to bed in my room next to my wife. God showed me in a vision that those Facebook lives were given release through from my prayer. I saw chains breaking.


After these things, my vision went beyond to a new revelation. I saw Satan entering various churches and looking for lives to work. I watched the demons looking for this brother's weakness. They worked in the weaknesses of this brother to overthrow him. Many believers who did not correct their lives were easy targets.

I saw demons pulling people out of serious churches committed to the salvation of souls, leading them to worldly churches. Other demons took people out of churches that perform deliverance and threw them into the world. Their purpose is to drive people away from men full of anointing and who preaches the truth, leaving people away from the Holy Spirit. This hindered salvation of many since the demons know that every Word that comes from the mouth of an anointed servant breaks the spiritual chains.

I saw devils working within the churches making brethren to scandalize the Gospel. They did not watch and grieve the new converts, taking them away from the church. These demons' tactics of making leaders err make the new converts return to the world. Satan commanded the demons to work within the gutters of each church.
My brethren, use the Word of God and correct the failures and eliminate heresies in worship services. Do not make the worship of God a formal religion. A church is not a religious institution but a meeting place between the Father and His children.

I saw darts entering the minds of the people inside the churches. Those darts disturbed people reading the Word. Many had no faith and many people who received these darts in their minds began to pay attention to their brother's and sister's mistakes, and they ignored the Word preached. These people were marked
in their minds and left speaking evil of the preacher and the church. The church is a field where the demons enter and do battle in the minds of the attendees.

I saw the demons enter the churches. I saw devils working within the families; other demons using the neighbors to test the believers. The neighbors themselves slandered these believers for not believing in their conversions. Our struggle is not against our neighbor. We are measuring forces against evil. Jesus can fight the devil who holds the people captives to him. We are not in captivity and we can fight the forces of evil. Our attack against our enemy is our prayers, fastings,
vigils, consecrations and a holy life. The devil is bold, he has entered into churches to deceive with false prophecies, false preaching, and revelations. The ministers of truth are retreating, being entangled within their churches by the spirit of lying.
The demons are gaining ground within our churches.

We are in a battle. We cannot retreat. We must defend holy words and attacking lies, deceit, and sin. We must be prepared, for the days are dark. The devil cannot resist the truth and the power of God.

I saw demons laying walls in the way of various believers. The believers stood in front of the barriers and did not walk forward anymore. There were few brothers who made the barriers of their brothers fall and went onward. The Holy Spirit revealed to me, "It is easier for the Christian to win in their material and sentimental lives than to walk the path of salvation." The demons do not want the salvation of anyone. They know what they have lost. The believers who break down barriers in their ways are true war soldiers. They will go through the path of grace to the rapture. They will be clothed with anointing. They have been tried in the fire to be approved by God, no matter the trials. They resist and go in search of
heavenly achievements and rewards. Those believers who do not pursue because of
the barriers placed by demons did not surrender their lives completely to God, having a connection with the world, offering room for the demons to prevent them from advancing.

I close this testimony by saying a prayer.

Father, these people who are listening to this testimony I surrender to Your hands. Do not let those souls that are listening now come to lose. The Holy Spirit that is in my life will penetrate their being and invade their interior lives, cleansing their souls and hearts, healing the wounds and restoring them, receive the anointing that the Lord has given me and do more of what I have done until now. With everything you gave me, God I am nothing and I want You to lift up people who are not like me but, greater than I, raise up people from all over the world, make them watchmen in Your hands. I give every soul to You my Lord and thank You in the name of the Lord Jesus.



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