The Cool Stuff Just Keeps Coming! Part 3

in reuse •  last year

Always gotta check the cool old boxes… this one had some charm…

And a bunch of antique tools inside…

Always gotta share a door… I thought this one was a real charmer…

An odd box… I love to go through these weird ones and see what I’ve just gotten…
Stained glass supplies!

I know there’s a lot of stuff… I’m almost done… But how cool is this bright red tool cleaner!

Turns out I’m into brass and bronze… so this light caught my eye and It’s now in my locker waiting for me to purchase it ( :

Also got myself some bags of dirt… because I can’t turn down some nice soil when I see it ( :

Can you guess?

An old kiln! I do want one… but I’m thinking that this one isn’t the one.

Guess who that is behind these sweet work benches! It’s @cesarvalencia! He promised me he’s going to do a post here soon so you should check it out!

I stopped and took a picture of my forklift about to dump a load of trash… Figured you’d like to see how cool of a job I have (;

Can’t forget the super cool old box of woodworking tools that came in. An old guy’s dad… aka really old. Those are Disston and Son’s saws… apparently worth a bundle…

I took this cool picture of my chalk art and the little shed I spend a bunch of time in looking through this old peep hole from a door… the toys I find…

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You always find some great stuff! That woodworker's toolbox with the old saws is a pretty nice find for someone.
I would have grabbed that brass gooseneck lamp myself! :-)


Yeah, the toolbox itself was cool, it was an extra surprise to find the tools inside.
Regarding the lamp, I just brought it home. It's a good one ( :

I love these cool stuff posts! I’ve got Jack Sparrow in my head singing, “I’ve got a jar of dirt!” I wonder how long he’s going to stay! lol