Andrew Folkler - Three Strategies for REUNIFICATION

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Hello everyone, my name is Andrew Folkler,

and if there is one thing universal amongst the members of the erased community it is the desire to be reunited with our estranged loved ones.

While many people may feel that their love goes unreciprocated and their efforts are going unnoticed , I want to stand as an example of a successful reunification story. My mother whom I was estranged from for almost 13 years reconnected with me when I was 18 and it was nothing short of her love and her determination that brought me back. And so, what I can not stress enough, is that Reunification is possible and in the effort to further expand upon these possibilities I’ve had several discussions with Ginger Gentile, the director of the anticipated documentary, Erasing Family .

Now, I have always been an aided supporter of Erasing Family. ART in its purest form in my opinion is the sharing of experience and emotions , allowing us to breach the physical and metaphysical gap between people … and … Erasing Family will do just that . It’ll provide the opportunity of shared connection with each other through the cinematic depiction of the experience of estrangement. and… soo….but the thing is, as children are the target audience of the documentary having support and answers after viewing erasing family is going to be an imperative next step and this is what led to several ideas Ginger and I have regarding where we can positively aid estranged children.

For example, the formation of an online support group for children it could be an avenue where current and formally estranged children can come together and talk about topics of reunification, self-development and positive encouragement this can than also be supported by a strong social media presence. This social media presence will boost outreach for these support groups as well as serve as a platform for constant content through the form of podcast and live videos. These podcasts and live videos can also feature a text line.. that.. a text line that children can use to safely communicate with a trained individual much like that of a domestic violence or a suicide prevention hotline.

So, just these three strategies alone, can set up a safety net for these estranged children as well as aid and encourage them in their future endeavors and that’s just the beginning we can than work to get schools on board and by bringing people together and helping one another collective change will occur and it will ripple out.

So, to support Erasing Family , I would highly recommend checking out their website and I would also encourage you to share this video with your friends and family to ensure your support for the impact campaign of Erasing Family

Thank you everyone, and may the years ahead bring you a Answers, Peace and pure Joy!

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