Whales inactive, Same people getting the same rewards. We need to get them back and people joining! (I am still here after months!)

in return •  2 years ago

Throw back to 15th July when Max Keiser tweeted steemit!

Silent whales, lets bring them back and in turn grow steemit!

Seems they either feel max profit potential is reached or steemit is heading the wrong way? A good example in charlie shrem becoming a witness. I love charlie i really do his content and personality are fantastic but the fact he had so many votes way before he even signed his first block is not thinking with our brains.

We need to think before acting and not doing upvoting people into important positions (like voting in real life) because we happen to like their opinions on certain things. Does not mean they are safe or qualified for the position. (although charlie probably is that is not the point i am trying to make)

Less whales Less Spreading of Power

The less whales actively reading and participating the less power distribution we will experience. I don't want to name names as some may come back and become active and i don't want to tarnish anyones steemit repuation. We need to encourage whales too stay and for no who are no big time investors etc the charlie example may not seem serious. Too a large investor someone becoming number 1 on the witness list before even signing their first block it calls in to question many things.

Bringing them back

The ones i speak to via the exchanges seem to suggest that a large part of the reason they feel steemit doesn't do as well as it could is due to the selfish nature of how the power seems to be distributed, before you would see the most obscure of users getting a shot at a big post based on nothing but content. Now it's becoming more like who has the most followers. An idea i loath personally! I am not sure if this bares any truth but it seems to hold some merit. Is it more enticing the wider spread the distribution as too bring about the possibility of your post being the one to go big. Something the whales used to participate and encouraged people too pass it on.

The return

I feel we need to return to that. Whales on dolphins a like giving good content but random people that big paying post. It just seems to me that it's the same people now day in day out getting averagely the same rewards. People don't shout about average rewards. When people tell their friends their post reached 3k and there are many similar stories it makes people want a piece of that pie. It worked before and i feel it would work again. If the whales and dolphins were to diversify upvotes more.

Start the steemit drive!

Help steemit by thinking about how can we get more people here. Word of mouth is a good way and by wider spread rewards that will happen very fast just like before. Steemit already had the method we just moved away from it! Not sure if @ned could give an opinion on this? i heard of steemit myself through word of mouth due to friends getting a rather nice pay out. It wasn't irregular then. Way more activity from the big players!

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People don't shout about average rewards.

They do shout when they get consistent 0.00$ payouts though and their work goes unappreciated, and then ragequit :P


hahaha fair point ;)