Video & Arcade Games (Fall 1983)

Video & Arcade Games was a spin-off from Creative Computing that covers, as the name would suggest, home video games as well as arcade games. This was another early 1980s gaming magazine that didn't last very long. The Fall 1983 issue includes:

  • Editorial - What's in this issue and why
  • Gamester of the Year contest - Gamer vs. Gamer
  • Interview - Three Game Designers
  • High Scores - The creme de la game

Arcade Games

  • New Arcade Games - Hottest new games at the Amusement Operators Expo
  • Mastering Q*Bert - How to avoid those ?%!$*?! traps
  • Mastering Super Pac-Man - Guiding the gargantuan gobbler

Home Video Games

  • Jedi Arena
  • Atari VCS Games Roundup - Lock 'N' Chase, Jawbreaker, Fast Food, Journey Escape, Spider Man, Cosmic Creeps, Tron Deadly Discs, Wizard of Wor, Eggomania, Rescue Terra 1, Mines of Minos, Bermuda Triangle, Circus Atari, Dragster, Riddle of the Sphinx
  • Mastering River Raid - And living to tell the tale
  • The King of Maze Games is a Woman - And what a woman: Ms. Pac-Man
  • Sneak Preview: Robotank from Activision - Arcade challenges to come
  • Mastering Fast Eddie - Staying cool and steady
  • Mastering Skiing - Schuss up and listen
  • Mastering Othello - Even when the chips are down
  • Mastering Defender - Home version of an arcade favorite
  • Vectrex Update: Two Great Games - Rip-Off, Armor Attack

Home Computer Games

  • Four Games for the Color Computer - A great games machine, too
  • Five Games for the Apple - Still among the best
  • Mastering Miner 2049er - Bouncing with Bounty Bob
  • Five Great Atari Computer Games - New, different, and fun

Self Contained Games

  • Pocket Games - Pocketful of miracles
  • Gabriel Computer Othello - Chips down, take 2

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