Super Punch-Out!! (Super Nintendo)

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Super Punch-Out!! is the 16-bit sequel to the 8-bit NES Punch-Out!! which was originally Mike Tyson's Punch-Out!! Super Punch-Out!!, like its predecessor, features a third-person behind the back perspective with transparency so that you can see your opponent. The graphics are large, colorful and cartoonish with various outlandish opponents. Your goal is to knock out your opponent in 3 minutes.

Generally speaking, Super Punch-Out!! is very much like its predecessor only with better graphics. Reviews are generally positive though some still prefer the original game to this one. This was a first party Nintendo release and has been re-released a few times. The original Super Punch-Out!! was released in 1994. It was also included as an unlockable bonus in Fight Night Round 2 for the GameCube and then later in 2009 for the Wii Virtual Console. Another more recent option is the Super NES Classic Edition which also includes this game.

I'm not generally terribly fond of most sports games but maybe I should revise that to games that consider themselves "sports simulations". Super Punch-Out!! like Punch-Out!! before it is quite fun. But this is much more of an arcade experience than a "sports simulation".

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