Edge (October 2003)

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Edge is a multi-format gaming magazine published in the U.K. It has been around since October 1993 and once upon a time it shared some content with Next Generation. If you liked the content of that magazine, you might like this one. The October 2003 issue includes:


  • 9/11 is a joke - Edge ponders the questions provoked by games with content based on horrific real-life events.
  • Score Wars - Hi-score tables: once upon a time the only way to gain gaming status. And now they're back.
  • Edge's Ten Commandments - Ten simple yet obvious rules of game design that we believe should apply to every game ever made.


  • O.TO.GI 2 (Xbox)
  • SWAT: Global Strike Team (PS2, Xbox)
  • Chrome (PC)
  • Call of Duty (PC)
  • Xyanide (Xbox)
  • Spider-Man 2 (PS2, Xbox, GC)
  • Katmari Damashi (PS2)
  • Dragon Quest VIII (PS2)
  • Dance UK (PS2)
  • True Crimes: Streets of LA (PS2, GC, Xbox)
  • Warhammer 40,000: Fire Warrior (PS2, PC)


  • Frontend - SCE and its PSP; Bedroom coding; Xbox/Nintendo conferences
  • Out There - Justin Timberlake; Maxx Payne (the wrestler); GTA holiday
  • RedEye - Viewtiful Joe induces a joypad-throwing fit
  • Trigger Happy - Steven Poole lists the ten things games have taught him
  • AV Out - Japan should work harder and produce better games
  • Biffovision - Mr Biffo turns into careers officer mode
  • Subscribe - Money off and free delivery - how can you resists?
  • Back issues - Quick, before they sell out
  • Retrotest - It's 1978. Edge reviews Space Invaders
  • The making of... - Edge. Come on, it is our birthday...


  • Star Wars: Knights of the Old Republic (Xbox, PC)
  • Republic: The Revolution (PC)
  • Boktai (GBA)
  • R-Type Final (PS2)
  • F-Zero GX (GC)
  • Freedom Fighters (PS2, Xbox, GC)
  • Star Wars: Galaxies - An Empire Divided (PC)
  • The Italian Job: LA Heist (PS2, Xbox, GC)
  • Group S Challnge (Xbox)

Read more: https://www.megalextoria.com/wordpress/index.php/2021/02/15/edge-october-2003/

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