Atari 1040ST

5 months ago
61 in retrocomputing


Pictured above is the Atari 1040ST. There were a number of models over the years, but the most well known, at least in North America, were probably the 520ST and 1040ST.

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  ·  5 months ago

Interesting post. Followed and resteemed. Thank you! :-)

  ·  5 months ago

I had and Atari 520 STE in the 90's. It was basically the same as 1040, but with half the memory, so I got it cheaper. I ended upgrading it to 4 megabytes of RAM. :) Good times.

  ·  5 months ago

Sometimes I wish Commodore and Atari won the computer wars instead of PC and Mac. Then again, I like open architecture and building my own computers...