I want to live an Independent life after 60

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Most of the people who are in the age range of 40-55 always thinks about their retirement life. Almost every one plans for their retirement by either saving money for old age or by setting up goals to complete before they really grow old like visiting all the pilgrimage they decided for or completing a world tour.

Every body wants to complete things or achieve goals before they grow old because we are scared of the old age thinking about it more that whether we will be able to walk, move and do our regular day to day tasks on our own. Many even do pray or wish god that at least make them able to do their regular day to day work on their own and do not make them dependent on others like their children or family members.

Many also think that after becoming old, people stop liking you and they do not want to live with old household members. The assumption is kids do not like interference of old people in their day to day life. Although according to me that's not true. At least in my case this is not true I never think so. I love my grand parents they are happy with us yes we do face some difficulties but those are same as you face with your own kids when you are ready to take responsibilities of your kids then why not your old parents. I always consider kids and old are same, when you grow old you become a kid again. That's my theory, I am not sure if others think it differently. I have learned a lot from my grand parents from their experience and maturity level. Some time they have also told about our parents behavior when they were kids and how grand parents use to manage them.

If you have the passion and you are confident what ever the age you are at you can definitely achieve all your dreams and goals. I do get inspiration from many stories which I read about senior citizens how they are contributing and still at age of 70s, 80s and 90s they are creating world records and history. Form every corner of the world I can pull such stories and bring out over here to boost your confidence. The old people are proving around the world that the generation is run by them and they are not run by this generation.

I believe we all should set some goals for our selves and live the life after retirement with ambitions. One of the example of old age startup we know is KFC founded by Colonel Harland Sanders. Always its not about to start some thing new and become a businessmen. Some time it is about achieving you have dreamed about in your young or middle age and because of certain circumstances, situations or other responsibilities you were not able to full fill those dreams. Old age after retirement is the time to full fill those.

One such inspiring person is a 90 year old who became the king of freestyle swimming. At age of 90 becoming a fastest freestyle summer is not a joke it is all about dedication and hard work. Mr. George Corones the Australian senior swimmer has proven the world that age does not matter. What matter is confidence and the aim to complete a goal. Before 60 years he left swimming because of other responsibilities and certain circumstances that made him quit swimming. But after retirement he picked up his passion again to keep himself healthy and he made the World record by completing 50 Meters freestyle swimming in just 56.12 seconds. And he was able to break the existing record by 20 second difference, which is a big difference.

That's the reason "Old is Gold" proverb is really true.

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