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  Can I,a steem ambassador from the Philippines, a third world country, live with STEEM/SBD alone by simply promoting steemit?

 I'm not the only one who wishes that someday they can live with steemit alone. 

 I also want to look my invites in the eyes and honestly tell them if they ask the same question.

 Most importantly I need to manage the expectations of those artists joining because of my events for steemit.


"Attention is the new currency"

What I did for the past month?

  1. I went to a blockchain event in manila - It was a great way to connect with like minded individuals as well as learn about new things regarding other projects for cryptocurrency in my country.
  2. Asked coinsph to be my partner - I sent multiple email proposal to them in the hopes that they include steem/sbd to their exchange.
  3. Created a seminar with government - I needed to establish trust on my future promotions by proving that even our government agrees with what I have to say.
  4. Managed to get to the trending page - helped me gather funds for my event and in doing so, my works can now be viewed on the trending page.
  5. Asked for delegation - I believe that the only way steemit will be regarded as the new social media is we need more users and the only way to do that is to promote the platform and the best way is to delegate sp to the biggest voluntary and successful marketing group here on steemit #promo-steem @steem-ambassador.
  6. Others - I asked to gathered data of each promotions all over the world, asked for testimonial videos and etc.


 In order to live a normal life here in a third world country, I needed atleast 90 liquid STEEM each month but in order to get that I needed $240 upvote within 30 days = $8/day.

I simply failed in doing that even with all the promotion I did.

Maybe there's a lot of reasons why I still cant live with steem/sbd alone but I wont give up!

@oracle-d SHOW US THE WAY!

  Just like magic, @anarcotech @starkers came up with a brilliant idea of creating a new project called @oracle-d!

 As we bring clients on board, we are going to be looking for exceptional content creators who want to always have something to write about, and who are keen to be rewarded for their high quality work.

The scope and range of the work will be vast, as will be the amount of STEEM which is vested into each project. If you are someone who has a lot of creativity and talent, as well as a strong work ethic, and always produces great quality, this is for you!!!

Oracle-D will provide a portal where everyone who is registered can select from the projects they are interested in, view the guidelines, and get working on the tasks. We are building in strict systems to ensure that anyone who tries to game the system or create spam will not be able to gain upvotes on that, or any other, project that we run. In fact, they will just get banned from the system pretty quickly, and that will be the end of them being able to earn from Oracle-D projects!

This means it will become pretty exclusive, and will be something which the really good content creators, those who want to earn great rewards regularly from producing high quality work, will be able to do so without having to compete with those who are spamming.

We expect to be launching this platform very soon, and will keep you posted. In the meantime, if you would like to be considered to be one of the initial Oracle-D writers, please come and join our Discord Channel where all the latest updates and news will be posted, along with a full set of guidelines about how it will work.

We are also looking for people who may be interested in being Oracles and Community Managers. We have not yet released the criteria for this, but again, please come by our Discord and make yourself known to us. 

Last comments: 

  This is for all my fellow steemians who are wishing to make steemit their job I suggest you take a look at #promo-steem @steem-ambassador or @oracle-d and follow their amazing leaders @starkerz and @anarcotech!


I think as we get it started, and begin onboarding clients there is absolutely the opportunity for great content creators to get involved with Oracle-D projects and meet this target as a minimum.

Ultimately it will be about quality. I know, I say it time and time again, but it's true. In Oracle-D there will be no spam or plagiarism, because anyone that does it will just get instantly banned. Boom. Gone. That should be incentive enough NOT to do it. This means that those who actually take the time to consider the task in the projects, and perform it well, proving it in a high-quality way, they should get a good share of the daily upvotes from sizable pots. And to be honest, once we start to get a few of these onboard, there will be absolutely NO reason whatsoever why you couldn't easily meet this target. Thanks for the shoutout for oracle-D.

Right now, what would be really good is to think about who are really good authors in your community, and encourage them to come along to the oracle-d discord https://discord-me/oracle-d so they can get the latest updates.

Im excited @anarcotech! You're essentially creating a job for writers/reviewers here on steemit! I will support and promote this project too. Goodluck!

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