Restoration of the garden after freezing

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In different regions, the state of the plantations is assessed annually, both during the winter and after it. The state of flowering buds on the subject of freezing is assessed. But the kidneys are not scary, because it is not deadly for the plant, it is much more dangerous when the bark, the wood of the stem or the bases of skeletal twigs are affected, you can only find out about it when spring comes, cutting cortex and outer wood and if dark brown predominates, then most likely the plant died.
In any case, there is no need to despair, there have been cases when a frozen tree survived, and decorative shrubs by summer were given root shoots and thus updated, but hope for "maybe" should not, but should immediately begin resuscitation of the garden. It is necessary to start with a plant inspection, disinfection of cracks, and when the buds begin to blossom, plants should be "cast", this is an urgent necessity since frozen fabrics impede the movement of water from the roots to the leaves. It is desirable that the water is warm, it will help to melt the soil that has frozen on the depth. Watering should be regular and abundant, for example an adult fruit tree requires at least 200 liters of water. The water poured onto the plants will help to preserve mulching, it is better to use reparted manure or compost for this, this simple agronomic technique will help plants to recover and recover faster.
The next stage is the nutrition of plants, in the period when the tree or shrub is sick it needs feeding, so at that time organic and well-bred fertilizers are needed, preferably with a large number of earthworms in their composition. These fertilizers should be added to the trunks when digging them. It should be dispelled and a general misconception about the application of mineral fertilizers in this case, it is by no means necessary, since it increases the mineral concentration of the soil solution and this makes it more difficult for water to flow from the roots to the leaves.
The most intense period of care for frozen plants is May - June, at which time regular watering, mulching, fertilizing, and loosening of the soil, control of weeds, pests and diseases of fruit, berry and ornamental crops are needed.
If after these events you see that the tree slowly comes to its senses (the buds are opening, the growth of shoots begins), you can help him pruning. The pruning of the frozen trees is slightly different from the usual seasonal and has its own subtleties, well, first it is carried out much later, you need to know what to cut, and the frozen buds do not bloom immediately, and the diameter of the cut branches should in no case exceed 5 cm , because by inflicting a large wound on the plant, you can aggravate his situation and even kill him. Slices of small diameter, in principle as large ones, should be covered with garden varnish, to which growth regulators, such as indolyl-butyric acid, can be added, to avoid infection in the weakened plant.
Observing all these simple techniques you can "resurrect" your garden, remember, hope dies last!


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Good information. I thought that if the plants were frozen, they were done for. I will try a little harder to save them next time! Thank You!