• First unzip the archive with WinZip, 7zip, or any other zipping program.
  • Then open the folder and read 'README.txt'

I tried to keep the instructions as simple as possible.

I want to thank you for being the first person (other than @counterweight who's my friend) to volunteer for helping.

Thank you!

I read the "README.txt" but I don´t know how to paste that long password in to Node.js First ussername and PW in one?

I type : userData.json and : refference error

(Hi - I am the programmer behind @resteembot.)

Open userData.json with a text editor (notepad).
Then edit it to write your info.

The program will read that file and log in with the data you wrote.

I am sorry that the information wasn't clear enough. It's been a while since I had to explain stuff to non-programmers.

I will add more information (for other users) later.

Ok, I think this is not for me!

Yep. Seems that way. Thank you anyway for the effort.
I was really happy that someone else believed in the bot as well.

I type my username.json - again reference error

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