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RE: How to Help ReSteem-BOT (spread the word)

in #resteembot7 years ago (edited)

This looks shady as fuck. Seriously, you think it's a good idea to download some random code from a stranger that asks for your name and password and does God-knows-what?

You don't even specify owner key vs posting key.

If you give away your owner key, you will get owned. I would advise against running this script.

And even if this script is on the up-and-up, I believe its purpose is to bot spam comments on new posts. This is still spamming and subject to flags.

I'm flagging this post.


It is true that there are risks.
That is why I do not hide the code of the script.
Any programmer can easily verify that it is safe.

Just think about it.
@resteembot will only succeed if it has a good name.
A single scandal is enough for me to lose everything I worked hard for.
Even if I wanted to cheat people, I can't afford to do it. It is simply not worth it.

As for spamming... Go to my other profile - @investigation. Read the replies on my 'spam' comments.
The people are thankful for the information.
@resteembots followers multiplied by 5!
@investigation's - by 2.

So far I've only seen thankful replies, as well as some uninterested ones.
Nobody seemed angry.

If you have programming experience or know any programmers, please check the script.
Otherwise you are just throwing empty accusations.

Also - please withdraw the downvote.
It is based only on assumptions and distrust.
Not on facts.

You are spamming and that is a fact, so you get to keep my flag. Thanks for pointing out your other account. I'll give that one some flags too.

I can not stop you, so I won't try.
Yet I don't see why you would do that.
These comments do not bring me any money, therefore you can not make me lose anything by downvoting them.
I might lose a bit of reputation, or maybe a lot, but I will earn it back sooner or later.

If you think you can achieve something - go ahead.

As a user of the bot, I find it a reasonable service that caters to minnows. Many of the voting bots just don't pan out for us. To be honest, @resteembot doesn't usually pan out for us, but at least the investment is an affordable one.

That being said, I'm leary of entering any of my private keys in any program creates by someone else.

It is funny how just your comment earned more Steem than 10 decent posts of regular minnows.

The reason this bot even exists is to serve the small folks and give them a bit better chances. Do you not see that?

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