Heaven is Myth Nepal is Real.

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The beautiful Namchebazar beneath in highest pick of the word Mt.Everest.


The golden sun rise .


The cloud view from himalayas.


uphill gumbas.



We have found similar image: https://500px.com/photo/54534712/poonhill-sunrise-by-brian-decrop

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im just promoting my nations tourism that's it.
if all these things are heppened to this platform by the savior of a great platform like steemit where your voice matter something to the viewers, then i don't need the steemit platform anymore.
If the server treated me like this by demotivating an innocent blogger like me .This is not the way to showing your so called power.If you are just showing your great power to me , then it worth nothing to having great power to treat like this by a saviour parent of steemit platform .if i have to do so I can post any rubbish pictures clicked from my camera.I would like to request you to check my previous posts.
Thank you!!

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hello brother @bholapuri , Your have amazing photos,, I like panaramoun your country... thank for you to follow my steemit