What do you mean? What went wrong?

I did not get a vote on my post, what a mistake happened

This bot does not upvote. Even if it did, it wouldn't bring anything worthy of the investment.
What the bot does is resteeming. It is similar to Twitter's retweeting.
The bot has a lot of followers and it's resteems attract attention. That's the point.

For more information, read all articles under the #resteembot category

Wait... Are you talking about a volunteer bot not upvoting you?

That is possible if the volunteer uses SteemIt at the same time as running the program.
In SteemIt a user can only give one upvote per 3 seconds.
If the volunteer upvoted something manually right before your post was to be upvoted, then your upvote might have failed.

I will simply go and upvote your latest post.

I've transferred to your account

i cant find the file to download

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