'Steem Challenge #1' : Upvote this post, comment and resteem it and I will resteem your next 10 post to my 1300 followerssteemCreated with Sketch.

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Hi steemits.
I just wanted to help you in a small way. If you upvote my post, and comment that you have upvoted it and resteem it then I will resteem your next 10 post to my 1300 followers.

So guys, what are you waiting for. Start upvoting !!!!! and dont forget to RESTEEM this.

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It sounds like a good deal cheers mate , just upvoted

It's a deal, upvoted my friend!

For minnows like me, this is an awesome deal. I have done ok in the last month that I joined Steemit. But it is a challenge, but I will persist!
Upvoted ✔️commented ✔️ Followed ✔️ Resteemed ✔️

thanks for the sharing

i like it, upvoted

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So you didn't kept any of your words here. There were only 6 people who who complied with all your conditions but you didn't oblige anyone!


Thanks for all the help you offered which you never cared to deliver!

I upvote waiting for payment hehe.. lol😂

Well said, I really like this that you've laid out. And I definitely share the viewpoint with you. I also hope to leave my legacy here on steemit, and what I share here is what I would want to be remembered for. I think we can all look for something new! Thank you for being here. :)

That's really a very lucrative offer if you honour your words. 😉
Upvoted & resteemed.

Just up-voted and resteemed much love brother!

Thank you!

All bot followers lol

Hello I'm upvoted and resteem, he would be grateful if you can do a resteem my post https://steemit.com/spanish/@cyb3rmixao/donde-esta-la-comunidad-de-habla-hispana-where-are-the-users-that-speak-spanish Thank's

Please upvoted me and follow

I like it , upvote