The Resteem, let's use it with care

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It is a button that we have seen in all social networks. However, here we must treat it differently, the Resteem is a characteristic that must be respected. That give us advice about what we have used on Twitter and Facebook for a long time?


It may seem illogical to some people and possibly unnecessary, but do not rush. Remember that within this financial ecosystem, any feature similar to our "old social networks" should be given a different care.

Let's have a look on this new article.


Do not get carried away by appearances, that have the same function does not mean that we will use it in the same way.

It seems illogical, right?

Well it is not, if we take into account that Steemit is a more important social network. In most cases, when we share something on Facebook or Twitter, it's only because we like it. It has caused us a momentary joy and even there.


We assimilate this behavior so quickly, that we do not even ask ourselves, how will it help the people who see it? The giving of Resteem is different. Let's see some fundamental points about this feature.


Let's start with the most basic, if we have noticed, in each publication that appears in our home there are various functions to interact with it. Which are:

  1. Vote
  2. Comment
  3. Share on social networks
  4. Resteem.

To be able to use the Resteem, just click on that small arrow that appears in each publication that we see.


By doing this, we will share the publication on our blog and it will also appear to each of our followers on your home screen.

#In what situations can we use it?

As if it was the golden rule in Steemit for passwords ("Do not lose our password"). For the Resteem, there are also three important rules to be able to give an appropriate use, are the following:

1.- Promote / share very useful, interesting or entertaining content

2.- Only promote / share very useful, interesting or entertaining content

3.- Promote / share exclusively very useful, interesting or entertaining content

Using the Resteem is giving our "stamp of approval" to the post shared. It is telling our followers that this article is just as interesting or entertaining as ours.

Avoid the excess
The previous sentence seems taken from a commercial alcoholic beverage, but as the saying goes.

"All excess hurts"

Is that to use the Resteem we have to be strictly selective, because as we saw in its use, we can share an article with all our followers

Will they really be interested or will it serve what I share? Does this deserve to be shared with all my followers or did I just like it?

The problem of abusing this function is that the home screen of our followers will be flooded with accounts that follow us, all because of us. They are interested in reading, seeing or listening to the people they follow.
Unfortunately, if we abuse the Resteem, our followers will only find a lot of unknown people where we should be.


We would be that user who does not stop talking about anything, while others just seek a bit of tranquility to observe quality content. No matter how good our content, we would be uncomfortable to follow.

Share on Facebook, Retweet on Twitter. Resteem in Steemit. All have the same function, but one must be treated with respect. If we want to improve our game, we must take care of those small details that can influence in the long term. We hope that this post has helped you to continue growing in this financial ecosystem

Remember that if you like it upvote it and resteem it.

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