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Hello #steemians,
Hello loyal #followers,

great news to announce:

The original @resteembot is back!

And it comes back

  • faster,
  • more user-friendly,
  • super cheap as usual,
  • with new features,
  • with some surprises and events
  • and active support.


Where do we start? Let's start at the very beginning:

Physics comes from the Ancient Greek word physikḗ. Physikḗ means the science of natural things and it is there in Ancient Greece that our story begins. It's a warm summer evening circa 600 B.C.; You've finished your shopping at the local market or agora and you look over the night sky and there you notice some of the stars seem to move. So you name them "planetes" or "wanderer".

— Sheldon Lee Cooper Ph.D., Sc.D. from Big Bang Theory

OK... Not that far back. Let's try again:

1 Quick Introduction
1.1 What is @resteembot
1.2 How to use @resteembot
2 Detailed instructions
2.1 Memo
2.2 Price
3 Features, surprises, events
3.1 Features
3.2 Surprises
3.2 Events

Chapter 1 Quick introduction


What is @resteembot?

The name is program. @resteembot is a bot that resteems articles or posts to its followers. @resteembot gives you another chance to appear in people's feeds. At the moment of writing the bot has 9000+ followers!

How to use @resteembot?

The usage is super easy.

  1. Follow @resteembot
  2. Send a transaction to @resteembot
    • The public memo must be the URL of the post that you want the bot to resteem.
    • The price is minimum 0.001 SBD depending on your reputation.

That's it! Your post will be resteemed by @resteembot.
A few more details below.

Chapter 2: Detailed instructions



The memo must be a valid URL, e.g.
  • You can resteem any valid URL.

But every post can only be resteemed once. Make sure to chose a good time for your post to be resteemed.

  • It is possible to resteem other peoples posts.[1]

You can do that if there is an article that you think is worth to be shared.
Or if you want to push a poor #steemfriend by sharing one of his or her articles.
But the price depends on your reputation, not the authors one! (More details below.)


Now the part of this post everybody is interested in and not the other bla bla bla of the author.

resteembot was always very cheap, especially for new #steemians. And this will remain in the future.

If your reputation is below 30 the price to resteem a post is only 0.001 SBD.
If your reputation is 30 or higher the price is your reputation divided by 1000 in SBD.

Here again in pseudo-code

if reputation < 30
    price = 0.001
    price = reputation / 1000

It's quite easy, isn't it?

If your reputation is 42 the price is 0.042 SBD.
If your reputation is 69 the price is 0.069 SBD.
If your reputation is 420 the price is 0.420 SBD.

And so on.

Feel free to send a higher amount. This will be accepted as a donation and can not be refunded!

Chapter 3: Features, surprises, events


@resteembot should be more then just a bot that resteems your post for Steem Dollars, it should be a happening and it should be user friendly and service-oriented.


Listed below are the features already included [x] and planned for the future [ ] to make @resteembot a good experience.

  • [x] automatic full refund for wrong or no URL in your transfer memo
  • [x] automatic full refund if not a follower of @resteembot
  • [x] automatic full refund if post has been resteemed before by @resteembot
  • [x] automatic full refund if you did not pay the full price
  • [x] automatic resteem after transfer within 1 minute
  • [ ] todo: random free resteems twice a day
  • [ ] todo: free upvote for one lucky resteem post of that day
  • [ ] todo: add comment to post if resteemed by someone else
  • [ ] todo: send randomly SDB gifts to followers. Amount and period t.b.d.
  • [ ] todo: add a 'thanks for donation' function

Any more ideas for @resteembot features? Leave a comment, please!


If you carefully read the feature list, you will already see some of the surprises that @resteembot will bring.

  1. free upvotes for active @resteembot users
  2. free gifts for @resteembot followers
  3. free resteem for lucky #steemians

And another surprise might be the events.


Starting the relaunch of @resteembot today at the singles day 11.11., I came up with the idea to give discounts from time to time.

To celebrate the comeback of @resteembot, the singles day and to honor the brave readers that made it until the end, every resteem will be free for every follower starting now for two days until 2021-11-13 23:59 UTC.
Just send a transfer with 0.001 Steem or 0.001 SBD with the URL of the post that you want to resteem to @resteembot and it will resteem your post and refund your transaction.

Two last hints:

  1. If you send more than 0.001 Steem or SBD this will be recognized as a donation.[2] Thanks!
  2. The bot is now in Alpha testing phase for it's comeback. Please be patient, if something does not work. Contact @resteembot or @befaro and we will try to fix issues as soon as possible.

[1]: Which reminds me to add a feature to post a comment under a resteemed post like "Congratulations! Your post has been resteemed by @<name_of_sponsor>." I'll put that on the feature list.
[2]: I should also add a 'thanks for donation' function. Feature list is still growing.

Wish you all a nice day :)


Awesome,is this service still available?

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