Current List of Resteemers I am using at May 2, 2018

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Interested in Resteeming Services as opposed to use BidBots?. Here you have a list of 27 Resteemers. All with Reputation higher than 25 and very active. Blasting all of them will cost you not less than 16 SBD but you will get about 4 back. Hence your marketing cost is about 12 SBD but your post will be resteem to higher than 274.000 Followers 2739 2907 4462 4500 5278 5736 5810 6000 6049 6062 6200 7095 8427 8709 8858 10939 11020 - Reach: 12009 - Reputation: 55 12557 14491 14717 15485 17373 18088 19148 19437 26211

If you happen to know a good resteeming services, just publish their URL to test them out, and improve my list.

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Wednesday @t 07:45PM Easter Time, May 02, 2018
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Kindly update you stats with Hugo4u= 11987 followers. Hugo4u has a reputation of 55.5 .Also with STEEM POWER more than 10,000. which gives 70% ROI .Your update in hugo4u stats in your blog will get you more upvotes. Thank you............

Done. Currently you are at 12,000 Reach. Not in agreement that you generate 70% ROI.

Resteemed and upvoted.

Please note that this is manual resteem service, so sometimes it may take a little while to resteem. Moreover, sbd.giveaway curation trail is growing so with time, there will be more upvotes.
Thanks for using the service.

I have no idea how the bots work or how this resteem works but i gave a upvote to help your cause ❤ good luck with your posts. Sending my aloha to you💕 . And if anyone is looking for jewelry, beautiful wild pictures and or even learning about hawaiian culture feel free to check me out🌸 here is a sample of what i post about and share with my friends.
A maui sunset 💛

A pair of seaglass and polymer clay earrings i made💚

A protected Florida golfer tortoise i seen while at the beach down in venice Florida.

Bid Bots and Resteeming are marketing tools

Thank you for posting this information, which I'm sure many will like and find useful about Resteem Services.
As we promise, we won't fill your comments or wallet memo's with ad spam, and we Resteem to our network over hours not all at once..

I am a member of the @premium.resteem network, we have over 29,000 followers over our entire network, we Resteem your post over 24 hours not all at once....more potential exposure for your post.

This post has been shown by @tenorbalonzo to 9000+ followers. Get more votes by participating in @tenorbalonzo curation

I try to get in the @tenorbalonzo and it must continue on for more.

Hey why not check us out for a FREE RESTEEM? Only small but no cost.

One is never sure about how effective it is.. many followers are worthless and a lot of these have the same worthless followers but it's always worth a couple SBD @multiplicity offers a low cost multiple option

It's a bummer that @multiplicity got flagged :( Didn't even do anything wrong.

Could be they did something right ^.^

No good deed goes unpunished! ;)

If you don't have 1 SBD or STEEM to spare, you can always use @crystalhuman for 0.250 ;)

Thanks @justinomora!

You can add me to your list now :D

To have your post shared with over 10,000 followers send 0.250 SBD or STEEM to @crystalhuman, your post will also be shared to twitter at

Thanks for supporting @crystalhuman. A human.

Sure I will. As long as reputation is higher than 25 and the Account really resteem, I will keep it on the list 📃. No idea yet of the effect of resteeming. I think it is probabilistic. Anyway, I am spending SBD to test, and I do prefer to burn SBD over resteemers than giving them to Bid Bots. At least with resteemers I get a lot of probabilistic exposure at the minimum cost.

Awesome! When you use my service, I resteem your post, then with @multiplicity and tweet it as well. :)

This was a pretty cool article for new users. I gave an upvote and I will resteem. Thanks for sharing :)

Hey there man! @Clixmoney has a resteem service called Steemit for Resteem

Check it out!

I have a good experience with
Followers : 3185
It also gives free upvote from several accounts.

Thanks. I am already using it. It will be in the next market report. taking more than 2 days to resteem. If it does not resteem my post it will not be used any more. It is very easy to collect money, and then not deliver on time.

If you are a Resteemer and not in this List, means your Reputation is NEGATIVE,

which means no one sees what you resteem. The only way to get out that Black Hole is to Resteem Quality Posts. I don´t see any other way of how to improve.

Your post was resteem by Whale ResteemService @booster007

Keep it up!
All the best!

Send 0.100 SBD/steem For resteem over 4800+ followers / send 0.200 SBD/steem resteem over 11,300+ Follwers Send your link in memo ! @boostupvote Attached !

That sounds like a hoot!

Useful a BIG thank you.

Resteem bot Service! Promote Your New Post.Find New Freinds - Followers - Upvotes. Send 0.400 SBD and your post url in memo and we will resteem your post to 9000+ followers from two different account.@stoneboy and @vimal-gautam.

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Great info going to resteem this :)

Upvoted and resteemed my friend. Thank you for using my service

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