Resteem and Its Benefits

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Resteem is the sharing of posts that you find favorable to your followers. It’s like the share button on Facebook or retweet button on Twitter. Your resteem button has the symbol of a bent arrow. If it does not appear on your page, press F5 on your browser to make it show up.


All your resteemed posts show in your blog feed and are seen by all your followers. If you have curated a post, resteeming it will work to your advantage because it will expose it to many people who will also get a chance of voting the same.

The resteem button can be of great success if you are new to this platform and particularly when you don’t have many followers. If someone resteems your post, it will get more attention to your blog and rather than providing you with the share of steem, it will expose you to more followers, and that’s a big thrust.

If you write about specific topics, many users who are interested in your theme will get interested in reading your posts. By resteeming your posts, it will too expose you to more followers.


Hidden Benefits of Resteem:

  1. Resteeming a favorite post from whales aids in getting you popularity to your page after people reads a great post on your feed page. Also, ensure you have your posts that are well written. Always, choose what to resteem wisely, and that will highly increase the number of your followers.
  2. When you resteem or comment on a post that gets more upvotes from your sharing, there is the likelihood that the writer of that post will reward you with some good votes of appreciation.


Authors get paid when people like you upvote their post.
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I like your post and I resteem


@abdullah2017 Thanks. Welcome all the time.

Thank you for the information. if I may ask, will we be rewarded also from the resteem result? or just limited in the picture above? thank you


@yusfriadi Which above picture?


sorry, I mean your description above (in the post)


Depends on the owner of the post

Good post...Very good luck..succesfull day..thanks for sharing.


@zayanfaruk Good day too and welcome.



You must be very dedicated to this community, I se that you ALWAYS give your comments 1 or 2 cents (which is very appreciated), and that you try to post noob-hepling stuff. Thanks!


@retaliator Yep, commitment is necessary. Welcome.

it would be better if you had a button to show or hide resteemed posts in your blog feed


@dune69 Hope they will think about that.

Thank you for your post, i read your previous post of minnow, dolphen and whale and was thinking about resteem and how it works. Next day i am online and post is here with all the needed information. Glad I am following you :) Good work. I will resteem this post :) thank you very much.


@adnanibrahim Thanks for following and getting the needed information including resteeming. You are much welcome.

Good article Buddy.. I should resteem more.
Also thanks for the steem. It bought me here, so that worked lol 😎


@andyjem That's great. You are welcome to resteem more. More hot news and tips are coming.

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