Steemit Music Anthem Steeming Video Now In Production

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Here is a promo video for my next song (Steeming) released for the Steemit Community




make post thats all I know resteem like mo
Im Steeming (Steeming)
Crypto Thats how we roll power up get mo
Im Steeming (Steeming)

Verse 1:

Get yo mind stuck on this H double T P//
Post my life up like you looking at a TV//

Stop yo facebook get paid for yo likes see//
Zuckleburg ain’t thinking about yo life dreams//

But they’ll sell your info to the highest bidder//
when I spill it all out they gone call me //

Huh I ain’t even have to say it
its sorta like ya information they couldn’t save it

An I don’t need to curse cause this flow is g rated//
find my post get elevated an we never regulated//

S T double E M To The IT //
Blockchain plug you in like an IV//

Count up all the voters the people is taking over//
Get paid for your voice an don’t let em go take your choice//

Remember you have voice won’t stop until you rejoice//
You’ll see when it is over right after the hang over//


I make post thats all I know resteem like mo
Im Steeming (Steeming)
Crypto Thats all I Know power up get mo
Im Steeming (Steeming)

Verse 2:

Thats right I said it get paid I meant it//
Theres some money in ya post if its all authentic//

These some real life people not some funny algorithm//
keep the fakes all away We don’t play the plagiarism//

Downvote downvote that post//
Abuse the site steem cleaners they roast//

Give credit give props to a witness//
Keep the steem block true bear witness/

Dan Larimer Ned Scott
with out them theirs no chain on our block//

Rearrange what you got build a name on our block//
See the fame that we got we all trending at the top//

Five star entertainment group what I represent//
take ya book back and spare me all the Sentiment //

Steemit putting money right into my bank account//
An I aint talking about no pennies this is large amount//

Asset 9.png

My goal here in Steemit is to stay true and live up to the expectation of the block chain system. Producing quality content while educating our audience is key.

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Nice one!
You may consider using the tag #promo-steem for further Steem/Steemit promotions. Then the @steem-ambassador guild may decide to support you and your content as well.

More about it here:

Well spotted SM!!

appreciate the intel ma'am

Nice rhymes, flow is good

I dig it kinda :D

@rest100 It's funny how when things pile up the wrong way, they can pile up fast, and then, through hard work and perseverance, the good things can pile on just as quick.
Just don't forget us steemians or steemit when you hit it big. 'Let them know bout steemit n' crypto don't need to flip that fishscale no mo'.... ok ok my bad, got excited, we'll leave the real rapping stuff to you.

lolol word up my g

Thanks for commenting on @mrviquez's blog b/c it led me here! Keep the fire coming :)

Glad you found me sir! hope to keep you entertained and proud of the work we do on the block chain! @fulltimegeek

and im on the follow as well

I want that song lol

Got a glims of ya rhythm and flows. Really amazing.

Truly, Zuckerburg aint thinking about our life....
#we are getting wiser...

Yaaaaas! Except, i just finished reading the rules after joining & those kids in the vid are not legal steemit age... maybe youtube.....:)

hmmmm thats funny as their parent and this being my account its fine

you know how many ppl post with their kid here a child cannot earn here dosent mean I can't share vids of my own kids

You are right...I got a friend who loves talking and posting about his son...and that's because he loves his child and the lil lad is his only son.

Not a bad idea...

True i dont see nothing wrong with that

Not bad if they join the vibes since it aint their account...

The rules still remain the rules though.

now i get it.

You are on the right track
Keep the beats,lyrics,rythmns flowing.

why thous kids are in the video?

Good music, i love it, so nice, plz support me

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Nice song and a bit funny .. Yes you honestly got the fame and money. I hope to become like you someday.

appreciate the feedback

nice post keep it up


Downvoted for poor behaviour. I do not appreciate threats or insults for using my stake

lol this post has nothing to do with it but thanks try downing the comments

You know you are right, this post has nothing to do with it. I acted in the heat of the moment. So I removed my flag.

I was just trolling I work hard on my post so yes I tend to act on rage as well

Yeah we all do lol

its all good bro Im sorry we all want to be great here and you are no different I respect your stake and loyalty to the community kudos

Likewise. Steem on :0)

rest100 , There ia an official video of steemit?
Reply please?

im making one for the song I made for steemit

rest100 , Ok dear thanks for reply dear

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You got talent. rock the world with that!

thank you appreciate the feedback

good work pls keep it up

Great Job Man. Keep It Up.

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Nice spotted i really dig it, sweet.

Good idea bro

Thanks for the good information. I will visit you often.
nice up vote :)