New office space powered with steem

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New office space checking out the new crypto trading enterprise powered with steem.

Asset 9.png

My goal here in Steemit is to stay true and live up to the expectation of the block chain system. Producing quality content while educating our audience is key.

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Screen Shot 2017-12-14 at 10.03.18 AM.png

Current Artists on Five Star Entertainment Group

Screen Shot 2017-08-03 at 12.26.26 PM.png

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Amazing office. I have gambling too! Thanks for your game!

That your music? Holy shit..
Bars on bars on what?
If not, it's still some G shit.. lol

Nice office btw!

it is visit youtube link to find free download

Ohhh shit. I know what I'm bumping for Jan 2018..!

ALL of Jan 2018! LOL

This will be great year for ALL

Damn thats a huge office Rest looks amazin like the layout that marble countertop is sweet great color and those big rooms very nice definitely looks like it can be a nice office for sure.

Dedicated to the passion for Steem.

You can say that again

That's unreal! Wow some day when I grow up on steemit I want to be like @rest100. Best of luck keep up the ridiculous success what a big time asset to the community! Ha, you have that killer office, I have a theoretical international baseball league powered by steem...

Awesome @rest100, this will inspire other steemians to follow your success

(found an eagle -Les Brown) same vision 100% 100% my support!!! just stared following the cause!

I see you bro.. 'I never seen u act like that' #Versachaaa lml

Sweet Angelina Jolie! That is the pimpest office I've ever seen. Cannot wait to see the content you create up in dat hood yo. lol

Very, very shagadelic !


Damn! What a space. I should have stayed on Steemit regularly when I joined a year ago, really goes to show where hard work gets you.
Incredible. Really inspiring.

Always striving

Nice man, this is inspiring to see! As a hiphop artist who just recently found the crypto space, I'm amazed by the potential to excel and succeed. Abundance is truly here. Keep us updated and again, I appreciate the inspiration!!!


Hey @rest100 Congrats on the new digs!!! Great tracks.

Wholy crap! Way to go on getting that office space! Can't wait to see what else you're going to do with that!

I am so jealous of you. The whole office for trading crypto. I try to fit trading, sculpting, casting, painting, laser cutting and 3d printing studio in one small bedroom in my apartment :) I guess trading and steeming is more profitable for some than doing this artsy stuff :)

Awesome can't wait to see the marvellous work that is going to take place there

Wow looks great man. its great to be here at steemit. More power to you buddy!

big ups to you man. Number page to follow for crypto inspiration. Congrats big dawg, and nice flow by the way. keep on that shit man. Grind all day =)

Congrats buddy..Its nice one..Hope even we will be paid off soon.

I would appreciate your vote in my participation thank you very much!

Thanks for sharing the inspiration man. <3

brilliant post @rest100

its a nice goal you've got man

Incredible! You have that office thanks to steemit?

I am hopeful I can reach those highs someday man

best of luck to achieve your goal



new to steemit family......please upvote my posts

Thanks for keeping your fans in touch!

Really nice ideas of yours. Great to know that some people are not just only born to eat and die. You were born to do great thing my friend. Keep it up bro, we all steemians are always with you.

Damn, is anyone born to only eat and die?

I'm really appy to see what happens to our warriors.
Good luck,stay strong and thank you for giving strength by your post O.G. @rest100
Take care


Nice video and nice post



Dope spot. Stay fly-y-y-y-y

Congrats, that’s a crazy large office u got there

This is awesomely nice

Damn, thats dope man! Keep up the good work.

typical modern office decor

Huge office, very nice!
For what purposes do you need such a big one? You have your own trading team?

Nice space!
What next!
Waiting to see!

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congratulations bro!

Amazing!! Huge office!

That's a nice looking office space.

Pimped office and sweet lyrics! Really nice!

Diggin the music, I will be checking out that free download:) also nice office!

Is this song yours? Nice tune bro!


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Sounds good!

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