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Let us Plant Trees to Protect Our Envionmant

Trees are the most important gift of nature. Since the dawn of civilization, man has a close relationship with trees. Trees help us in maintaining the ecological balance which is essential for the existence of life on the earth. They play an important role in our life and economy.

Trees are useful to us in various ways. They give us oxygen. Without oxygen, we cannot live on earth. They are great source of foods and fruits. They meet our vitamin deficiency. Trees provide us with fuel and timbers. Timbers are used to build houses and furniture. In summer, they bear the scorching rays of the sun and give us cool shade under them. Trees in our forests draw the rain from the clouds floating in the sky.

Due to the global warming, the temperature of the world is increasing day by day. Global warming is occurring because of deforestation. Not only global warming but also different natural disasters are happening frequently. Over 200 people died in Bangladesh in 2016 because of lightning strikes, according to official tallies. In an effort to reduce lightning fatalities, the Bangladesh government is turning to nature. They aim to plant one million palm trees to absorb lightning damage and save lives

Bangladesh is a lower riparian country. We can use upper levels to plant trees. June and July are the proper time for tree plantation. We can plant trees by the sides of roads, ponds, highways, dams, canals, rivers, educational institutions and on low lying unused lands. There are many roads and highways in our country. We can plant trees on the both sides of these roads and highways. Again in the village there are many proper places which can be used for tree plantations. The sides and areas that are laying unused can be used too. We know that there a lot of lands in the hilly areas of Chittagong hill tracts and Sylhet which are lying unused years after year. These lands and also be brought under use for planting different kinds of trees. Bangladesh is not rich in its forest wealth. According to the U.N. FAO, 11.1% or about 1,442,000 hector of Bangladesh is forested. Of this 30.2% (436,000 ) is classified as primary forest. Bangladesh had 237,000 ha of planted forest. Moreover, It should be at least 25% of the total land area as forest area for a balanced economy. It is no doubt a shaking matt

We should make good selection of trees to be planted, in consideration of the nature of land and the kind of climate. Coconut trees grow well in the sea-coasts. Plantain trees grow well near the ponds. We should know which place is fit for which tree. To know this we should get our soil tested by the experts and plant the kinds of trees accordingly. Collection of plants to be planted should be made from the Government nurseries in consultation with the experts there.

Only planting the trees is not enough. Because, planted trees may be destroyed by animals or otherwise, or may die for regular service of water. So we should be particular about the after-care of the planted trees. We should be very careful about the newly-planted trees.

Trees are part and parcel of our life. They are our best friends. So, we should not cut and use trees at random. Rather we should plant more trees. Not only that, we should take care of them for a healthier, happier and better life. Effective steps should be taken to make it successful

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plant trees save country.

The tree is our best friend.

trees need our environment.

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The tree supplies our oxygen.


Plant trees save life, save environment. Thanks for awareness post.

every one have to plant tree